Kevin Cosculluela: Broadway Dancer Who Appeared on 'Dance Moms' Arrested for Sexually Abusing Minors

One of the victims claimed that Cosculluella had oral sex with her, while the other alleged that he exchanged nude photos with the girl.

A dancer who once appeared on the hit Lifetimeshow 'Dance Moms' has been arrested for allegedly sexually abusing underage students, according to police. Kevin Cosculluela, one of the most popular faces on the show, was busted in Orange County and is now facing charges of sexual battery and sexual misconduct involving two minors, according to the arrest record.

Cosculluela, 25, had appeared on 'Dance Moms' in 2013 reportedly abused the students last year while he was training them in his dancing classes. Although the incidents happened last year, the students only reported the incident lately following which police arrested him from his home.

Teacher or Predator?

Kevin Cosculluela
Kevin Cosculluela Orange County Clerk of Courts

According to police, Cosculluela sexually abused two female dance students last year, both of whom were minors. One of the victims claimed that Cosculluella had oral sex with her, while the other alleged that he exchanged nude photos with the girl. The victims say they met him at the Peaches Dance and Music studio in Orlando, where they were learning dancing from him, according to a TMZ report.

The second victim has alleged that Cosculluella would regularly send his nude photos in return of the girl's naked photos via Snapchat. On one occasion he also allegedly climbed on top of her while watching a movie at his apartment. The victim said they didn't have sex, but Cosculluela would often grope her while stretching at dance class.

One teen claimed Cosculluela invited her to his apartment and then convinced her to perform oral sex on two occasions. The two alleged victims told detectives, according to the arrest warrant, that Cosculluela would get angry at them and ignore them if and when they refused his advances, and that they were worried about losing him as a teacher.

Breaking Their Trust

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One of the students said Cosculluela "took advantage of their trust," the warrant states, adding that the victims put their instructor "on a pedestal" but he lost all the respect. The girls complained lately and Cosculluela was arrested on January 20. The father of one of the victims said that he was informed during the last week of 2020 that Cosculluela had been fired due to "inappropriate behavior" but was not given further details.

However, the news came to light only on Wednesday. Cosculluela, who was crowned the American Dance Award's male dancer of the year in 2012, has out rightly denied the allegations. "My client categorically denies the accusations levied against him and maintains his innocence. We are confident that once all the facts are heard in a court of law, my client will be exonerated. We have faith in the jury system and legal process and will remain patient until this matter is resolved," Cosculluela's attorney said in a statement to E! News.