Kentucky Man with Drugs in Car Arrested After He Attempts to Kill Cop Who Stopped Him

Brandon Ray Cherry was not wearing a seat belt, didn't have a driving license and tried to kill the officer who tried to stop him.

A Kentucky man has been arrested after he tried to kill a cop by driving the car over him during a routine traffic stop. The man had reportedly made multiple traffic violations and was stopped by a deputy when he tried to ram his car into a police cruiser and dragged the officer in order to flee the scene and avoid arrest.

The driver of the police vehicle luckily didn't suffer any injuries. Following the confrontation, the man fled the scene but police captured him a short distance later. Police also found significant amount of drugs from his car. He now faces a slew of charges including attempt to murder a police officer.

Criminal Intentions

Brandon Ray Cherry
Brandon Ray Cherry afces a slew of criminal charges, including attempted murder of a police officer, criminal mischief and third-degree assault of a police officer Warren County Sheriff's Office

According to police, Warren County Sheriff's Deputy J.D. Thompson stopped a car for an alleged seat belt violation near the Greenwood Mall in Bowling Green when he encountered Brandon Ray Cherry on Thursday night. It was a routine traffic stop but Cherry was found to be without a seat belt, the sheriff's office said in a statement.

Thompson asked Cherry for his driving license but he failed to produce even that, following which he was asked to step out of the car. Things so long were normal but Cherry suddenly became aggressive. Instead of stepping out of his car, he put the vehicle into reverse and rammed Thompson's patrol car almost running over him.

"Cherry put the car into reverse and rammed Deputy Thompson's patrol car then continued to push the cruiser back until it struck a parked car," a news release said. Thompson made a desperate bid to stop Cherry but in the process got dragged with the car to some distance. Police allege Cherry of almost trying to kill Thomson while injuring him seriously.

No Escape

Cherry was arrested with substantial drugs in his car Pixabay

Cherry's primary motive may not have been to kill Thompson but he almost did so while attempting to avoid arrest and flee. After hitting the police and dragging the officer to some distance with his car, Cherry fled with the vehicle. However, while doing so, he collided with another car after failing to obey a stop sign, authorities said.

The driver of the car luckily escaped injuries. Seeing this, Cherry got down from his car and tried to flee on foot. However, he was captured by Bowling Green police a short distance later. In his car, officers found a satchel with a "significant" amount of drugs.

He is now facing a slew of criminal charges, including attempted murder of a police officer, criminal mischief, third-degree assault of a police officer, resisting arrest and two counts of fleeing or evading a police officer -- one on foot and the other by motor vehicle. He is being held in the Warren County Regional Jail on $100,000 bond.