Kate Dixon: Miss Teen Washington USA Faces Backlash after Video Surfaces of Her Using the N-Word When She Was 14 [WATCH]

The footage shows Dixon in a car with friends, when she says the N-word and in another clip she is also seen lip-syncing to filthy TikTok songs with her friends.

Kate Dixon, the recently crowned Miss Washington Teen USA, is facing backlash after an old clip of her using racial slur resurfaced on Thursday, with many now demanding her title be taken away. The resurfaced video shows Dixon saying the N-word has gone viral on TikTok, causing debate about her title.

Dixon reportedly was 14 years old when the video was recorded but it resurfaced only last week, which has now garnered more than 9.1 million views. The video has now created controversy with critics calling for her to be stripped of her title in response to her use of the racial slur.

In Bad Taste

Kate Dixon
Kate Dixon Twitter

The video posted to TikTok on February 8 by @juliuspleazerfanaccount, shows a clip of Dixon, 17, where she is heard announcing her win. However, following that, there is a different clip of Dixon saying the n-word.

The footage shows Dixon in a car with friends, when she says the N-word as she laughs. She and one of her friends are also seen lip-syncing to filthy TikTok songs in the compilation video. Dixon in this video is seen giving a thumbs down at the camera as she said the words "gangster n*****."

In the video her friend's face is not show but Dixon is clearly visible. The video is followed by another clip of Dixon and a friend who can be heard lip-syncing to an audio track. "I'm Amber. I only love men when they have money and big cocks."

Kate Dixon
Screengrab of the video where Kate Dixon is heard saying the N-word Twitter

The TikTok video has over 9.1m views, so far, with viewers in the comments emphasizing how inappropriate it was for Dixon to say the n-word.

In the Line of Fire

The video has already created a lot of outrage with many viewers now demanding that Dixon's crown be revoked. "Literally take her crown back," one person tweeted, while another wrote: "As a former [pageant] girl...her crown should be given to the first runner-up."

Kate Dixon crowned
Kate Dixon being crowned Miss Teen Washington USA YouTube grab

"Literally why is everyone acting like it's okay that she said a literal slur?" another user wrote, while yet another said: "Y'all it's about her having to hold up a very big reputation and title and her doing the complete opposite."

Many viewers specifically tagged @missteenusa's TikTok account in the comments, one of which said: "so y'all just be letting anyone be miss teen."

Others agreed that there should be some form of consequences that Dixon should face for saying the n-word.

The video was sent to FOX 13 Seattle by a tipster, and it included lengthy footage of her lip-syncing about drug usage and bullying. "People think I'm a coke w***e, but I've never done coke — on weekdays,' she jokingly mouthed in one clip."

"Be sure to bully everyone in high school. Why? Because it builds character for them,' she continued in another. 'I never get sad. Why would I? I'm pretty."


Dixon appeared on FOX 13 this week to defend her use of the N-word, claiming that the video was shot when she was just 14 years old. She said that she was pressured by upperclassmen to say the N-word.

"They coerced me into saying a racial slur. I told them 'no, I don't want to say that,'" Dixon told FOX 13. "I know that it's not appropriate. And they told me 'you have a free pass just this one time, it would be funny.' So I decided, after much persuasion, I said the word that they wanted me to say and without my knowledge I was recorded."

Dixon said the video resurfaces every time something happens in her life, according to FOX 13.

Kate Dixon
Kate Dixon Twitter

"Honestly having gone through this experience, I feel like you don't realize the true meaning of how something can affect you that's posted online until you're caught in a situation like mine. Where something negative from your past, because it being on social media, comes to resurface again," Dixon said.

Pageants Northwest, the group that controls four states in the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA was alerted about the controversial footage of Dixon in October 2020.

However, before she began participating, the beauty queen and her family spoke with the agency about it, and her application to be a contender was eventually accepted.

Following the uproar, Pageants Northwest executive producer Maureen Francisco defended her choice to let Dixon compete, telling FOX 13 that it was part of the pageant's purpose to empower people to "be the best versions of themselves."