Karen Strikes Again: Racist Hammer-Wielding Woman Destroys Neighbor's Car [VIDEO]

The woman who damaged her neighbor's car using a pair of hammers in an apparent racist incident was manhandled by another neighbor.

A Los Angeles woman was caught on video destroying property using two hammers in an apparent racist incident with her neighbor. Video footage of the racist attack, which is being circulated on social media, shows the angry white woman smashing one of the hammers into the side of a parked vehicle.

Hammer Time

Hammer-wielding Karen
A still from the video clip that is being circulated on social media. Twitter / @superduperedy

"I got you on video—that you're destroying my car," the neighbor who is recording the video tells the woman. The 'Karen' then approaches the neighbor and tells her to "get the f—k out of this neighborhood, you f---kin shit."

"Call the police," she says as she starts walking away, seemingly to her own property, still with a hammer in each hand, attacking their recycling and trash cans before toppling one over.

"Go back to Mexico," she screams at them, while one appears to be on the phone with the police. "She's destroying property," the woman says over the phone.

Pushed Into a Bush

In part two of the incident, Becky now has a water hose, and a person appears to be holding her by the hair, identified as another neighbor, who came over and started manhandling the woman over her racist remarks.

"Tell me again, b---h. Tell me to go the f--k back somewhere, b---h," the neighbor says in the clip. "Now turn that mother-----g hose off, b---h, before I shove it up your f------g a—." The video concludes with the white woman being pushed into a bush.

Racist History

The person who shared the videos, Edy Perez, claims he and his roommates moved into the house next door to the woman early last year and she has been making racist comments towards them since then. However, he says they never retaliated and decided it was best to just ignore her.

The incident took place on Wednesday when Perez said his sister heard banging from inside their house and when she got out of the house she saw the woman smashing up their car for no reason at all and immediately started recording. The woman was arrested but released the following day.

Perez has now set up a GoFundMe page to cover expenses to get his car repaired as his insurance does not cover "vandalism" and has already surpassed its goal with donations in excess of $12,000.