Kansas Woman Dies of an Allergic Reaction Hours After Receiving Moderna COVID Vaccine

Jeanie Evans, 68, suffered an allergic reaction to the Moderna COVID vaccine, which caused her airway to close.

A 68-year-old Kansas woman died after receiving the Moderna COVID vaccine in March last year. Her autopsy has now revealed that she suffered an allergic reaction to the shot which caused her airway to close. Jeanie Evans, 68, died shortly after receiving the shot in Ozawkie, Kansas.

Within 20 minutes of getting jabbed, Evans started complaining that her airway was closing up. She was rushed to the hospital the same day and was even given an EpiPen but she died the next day.

Quoting Evans' autopsy report, The Topeka Capital Journal reported that an allergic reaction to the Modern COVID vaccine caused her airway to close up. Evans also had a history of hypertension and an allergic reaction disorder which was triggered by other medicines in the past.

Jeanie Evans
Jeanie Evans Screen grab - Becker-Dyer-Stanton Funeral Home


The Evans family noted that they intend to file a lawsuit against the company for wrongful death. Evans had a history of allergic reactions. She was even allergic to Albuterol, the drug found in inhalers.

Allergic reactions

Her autopsy report noted that Evans also suffered from a 'reactive airway disease.' It was not, however, Asthma, which is considered a potentially dangerous condition if a person also gets COVID. Evans had a history of environmental allergies too, the autopsy revealed.

According to CDC, Anaphylaxis caused by COVID vaccines is extremely rare, amounting to affecting five people in 1 million.

In a similar incident, a woman in Washington died in September last year, a few weeks after receiving Johnson and Johnson's one-shot COVID vaccine. Johnson and Johnson's COVID vaccine was temporarily suspended after reports of some women developing blood clots in the aftermath of receiving the shot surfaced. It is, however, considered safe again.

Some allergic reactions similar to blood clotting were reported in the UK among women who received the AstraZeneca vaccine.