NJ Woman Ends up in the ER After Receiving COVID Vaccine to Attend Daughter's Wedding

Kathleen Zemlachenko, 63, was forced to get the vaccine to be able to attend her youngest daughter, Emily's wedding.

A New Jersey woman ended up in ER after receiving the COVID vaccine. Kathleen Zemlachenko, 63, of Raritan Township, NJ had decided not to get jabbed after consulting with her doctor. She had tested positive for COVID in January 2021 and had very high antibody levels. Kathleen told FOX News Digital that she had '3000 times more antibodies.'

She did not feel comfortable receiving the COVID vaccine until she knew more about the potential side effects on those who had antibodies to the virus. However, courtesy of New York's COVID vaccine mandates, which were implemented last summer, Kathleen got jabbed and ended up in the hospital.

In August 2021, De Blasio made it mandatory for people visiting the Big Apple establishments to present proof of vaccination. The new law meant that Kathleen wouldn't be able to accompany her youngest daughter to a wedding dress fitting at a Manhattan shop ahead of Emily's November 2021 wedding, unless she took the vaccine.

Kathleen Zemlachenko (R) and her daughter Emily
Kathleen Zemlachenko (R) and her daughter Emily Screen grab - Kathleen Zemlachenko via FOX News

Scary episode

Kathleen received the Johnson and Johnson COVID vaccine in August to be able to attend the mother-daughter dress fitting. However, two days after receiving the vaccine she complained of a severe headache and very high blood pressure.

Her condition worsened and she had to be admitted to the emergency room at Hunterdon Medical Center in Flemington, NJ. Her blood pressure was recorded 40 points above the normal readings. Kathleen, who is a trained medical technologist, and her doctors attributed the symptoms to the vaccine.

After her condition improved a little, Kathleen was administered medicines to help address potentially dangerous hypertension. She recovered eventually, much to the relief of family and friends.

Kathleen with her daughter Emily
Kathleen with her daughter Emily Screen grab - Kathleen Zemlachenko via FOX News

Unexpected consequences

Kathleen noted that she and her family were simply trying to follow the rules and were met with rather unexpected consequences. She was able to attend the wedding dress fitting in Manhattan after the scary episode.

Kathleen has worked in microbiology in a clinical lab, serving as product director for infectious disease testing at Quest Diagnostics, and knows a lot about diseases like COVID.

She told FOX News Digital that she would recommend each individual to make their own decision about the vaccine and consult their doctor.