Kang Ha Neul clarifies reason behind leaving cast of 'Bad Guys' season 2

Says he wasn't comfortable with having other actors changing their schedules for him.

Kang Ha Neul
Kang Ha-neul. instagram.com/galpos3

Actor Kang Ha-neul left the cast of 'Bad Guys' season 2, this month. Conflict in schedule was cited as the reason behind his leaving the drama, as the actor is supposed to enlist in the military on Sptember 11. Kang Ha-neul has come forward and given his own explanation as to why he had to leave 'Bad Guys' season 2.

"There's a bit of a misunderstanding. When I was cast for the drama, the shoots were to be finished by September 1. It had to be done before enlistment. They said that the shoots would be over before September, and that's why I agreed to the drama," Kang Ha-neul said in a recent interview, as noted by website Soompi.

The 'Scarlet Heart Ryeo' actor continued, "However, the senior actors like Park Joong Hoon and Joo Jin Mo all had to work their schedules around mine, and that made me uncomfortable. I spoke with everyone and decided to leave the drama. The drama staff said that people seemed to be misunderstanding the situation, so I wanted to clarify that."

The actor will next be seen in the action comedy movie 'Midnight Runners' with 'Fight My Way' actor Park Seo-joon. Both of them will also appear as guests on SBS's 'Running Man' and would be participating in recording for the variety show on July 31, noted Allkpop. Both the actors have appeared as guests on 'Running Man' before.

As for his character in 'Midnight Runners,' Kang Ha-neul recently told Grazia fashion magazine, "It's a story about my character and Park Seo Joon's character, who are both students at the police academy, as they try to solve a kidnapping case that they witnessed together."

The actor added, "The character that I'm playing, Hee Yeol, is a lot like the character 'Sheldon' from the 'Big Bang Theory.' He's a fairly nerdy character who only has his brains to count on."'Midnight Runners' is slated to release on August 9, this year.

In a recent interview, as noted by Soompi, Kang Ha-neul's co-star Park Seo-joon, who has already completed his military enlistment when he was 21, said about his co-star's September 11 enlistment, "I'm not worried. I think he'll do really well. I heard that the military police department is already waiting for him," he said with a laugh.

This article was first published on July 28, 2017