Kang Ha Neul and actress Lee Tae Eun dating? Here is what actor's agency has to say

Here is the truth behind reports that Shinheung Military Academy costars Kang Ha Neul and Lee Tae Eun are dating

Kang Ha Neul

Reports claiming that actor Kang Ha Neul and actress Lee Tae Eun are dating are doing the rounds. If the reports are to be believed, the two celebrities are dating for two years now. Here is what Kang Ha Neul's agency has to say about the rumors.

TH Company said Ha Neul and Tae Eun are not in a romantic relationship. The agency confirmed the news that the two went on a trip together, but said they are only colleagues. It also said that they were on the trip along with co-stars of the Shinheung Military Academy.

Ha Neul and Tae Eun met in 2018 during the musical Shinheung Military Academy and reportedly started dating shortly after that.

Ha Neul was still in the army when he starred in Shinheung Military Academy.

As reported in AllKpop, a source close to Ha Neul also denied the rumors. He said Ha Neul and Tae Eun are close co-workers. They had gone on the trip along with his castmates of Shinheung Military Academy. This seemed to have caused a misunderstanding, the report claimed.

Kang Ha Neul last appeared in the hit drama When the Camellia Blooms, that saw a 23.8 per cent viewership in 2019. Ha Neul acted opposite Gong Hyo Jin in the play. Currently, Ha Neul is shooting for his latest movie Rain and Your Story.

Rain and Your Story is about a couple that has longed for each other for a very long time and are waiting to meet contemplating on the situations that had kept them away. Ha Neul plays the role of Young Ho who lives his life aimlessly while writing letters to his lover.

Recently, in an interview Boys Over Flowers actress Kim So Eun spoke about her relationship with Kang Ha Neul and stated that they can never fall in love. She said they were college mates and were so close to each other that it felt like family. Nobody dates family members, she added.

Ha Neul will soon return to theatre in Fantasy Tale. The last time he performed in a theatre production was in Harold and Maude in 2015.