Kane on The Undertaker: 'I have an immense amount of personal respect for him'

Kane and The Undertaker
Kane and The Undertaker. WWE

Glenn Jacobs, who is popularly known as Kane among WWE fans, has spoken about the relationship that he shares with Mark Callaway, who is popular known by the ring name The Undertaker.

During the promotional interview of his autobiography, "Mayor Kane: My Life in Wrestling and Politics", Glenn Jacobs said that Mark Callaway has been his big supporter. He recalls about their first match together in Smoky Mountain Wrestling back in 1995.

"Our first match was in Smoky Mountain Wrestling back in 1995 and then fast-forward to how so much of my career would be intertwined with his and Kane would be a big part of The Undertaker's story. I have an immense amount of personal respect for him. I would have never been able to do, in my career, what I was so fortunate to do if it hadn't been for The Undertaker," SportingNews quotes him as saying.

Kane and The Undertaker were rivals in the storyline at some part of time and then became Brothers of Destruction. He is also reminded about Steve Austin crashing a Zamboni into the ring.

"Yeah and then there's that! A lot of that stuff. Our final reunion and having a match against DX which I don't think anyone thought would happen and everything along the way. Taker came back from the 1000th episode of 'Raw' in St. Louis, winning the tag-team championships. I got to be part of his 25th anniversary match at Survivor Series against The Wyatt Family. So, there's a lot of memories," he adds.

After turning mayor of Knox County, Glenn Jacobs does not have much time to take part in WWE, but he has not retired from the sports entertainment. He has appeared in a Raw episode in September.

However, Kane is unsure of bidding completely goodbye to WWE as he thinks that there are creative ways to be part of it. He is confident of associating with the sports entertainment in one or the other ways in future.