Kane on Daniel Bryan: We respect each other as human beings

Kane (original name: Glenn Jacobs) has revealed that he and Daniel Bryan have contradicting views in politics, yet they have remained friends. The Big Red Machine is a libertarian, while the American Dragon is a leftist.

Kane. PR Handout

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Kane has said that they share mutual respect although they are on the opposite sides of the political spectrum. The Big Red Monster claims that he used to enjoy the discussions and debates that when they had worked together in the storyline.

"But we respect each other as human beings and value each other's opinions, so we had conversations and learned from each other. I learned a lot from Bryan, even if we didn't always agree," Sports Illustrated quoted him as saying.

For a long time, Kane had a dark and serious character in the WWE storyline, but the fans were in for a surprise when he teamed up with Daniel Bryan which brought out his humorous side. The Big Red Machine gives credit to the YES! Man for the "refreshing change" in him.

"If you told people in 1999 that Kane was going eventually going to be in some of the funniest segments of the show, they wouldn't have believed you. I was able to show off a side of Kane that wasn't so dark, and that was all due to Bryan," he is quoted as saying by the website.

Currently, Kane is the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee and not to be seen in the sports entertainment these days. Despite being busy, he makes out to watch WWE and he enjoys Daniel Bryan's feud with "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt.

"Bray Wyatt is doing a tremendous job with 'The Fiend' character, he's one of the hottest things in WWE. And what can I say about Bryan? He's the consummate professional and a tremendous performer. That is going to be such a great story," Kane said.