Kamaru Usman looks past Masvidal, wants to fight legend Georges St-Pierre instead

After taking down Colby Covington at UFC 245, Kamaru Usman, "The Nigerian Nightmare," believes his next opponent should be UFC legend Georges St-Pierre.

Kamaru Usman is arguably the best Welterweight on the UFC roster at the moment after successfully beating the former champion and the #1 contender in back to back fights inside the Octagon. Usman's dominant showing against Colby Covington makes the MMA community wonder - who's next in line for the 'Nigerian Nightmare'?

After his win against Colby Covington at UFC 245 recently, Kamaru Usman is no doubt the top Welterweight fighter at the UFC currently. With convincing back-to-back victories against a former Welterweight champion and the number one contender, fans are wondering who the ideal opponent for Usman's next match would be.

And although the fan consensus seems to be Jorge Masvidal, Usman seems to have other plans. In a chat with TMZ, Usman said that he feels the right opponent for his next UFC bout would be Georges St-Pierre.

This is what Usman had to say in his chat with TMZ, "Honestly, I'm an equal opportunity guy. I don't really care who it is. If I had to choose, of course, I want Georges. I want GSP. One more win and I tie him for most consecutive wins and how sweet would that be to actually get that win off of him?"

Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor Reuters

GSP one of the best MMA fighters ever

Aside from making it clear that he wanted to fight Georges St-Pierre next, Usman also revealed that although he believed that St-Pierre is one of the best MMA fighters ever, if the fight between him and St-Pierre were to actually go down, he would "finish him".

Usman also said that despite both him and St-Pierre being alike in that they both "systematically break down guys", his extraordinary power, cardio, speed, and all-round strength would help him get the better of St-Pierre in a fight.

Conor McGregor no match for him

After Conor McGregor's recent tweet stating that he was interested in vanquishing the 170-pound division, Usman retorted that Conor was no match for him and that he would hurt McGregor if a match between him and the former were to go down. Usman also stated that McGregor's intention to enter the Welterweight division indicated that "he must want to die".