Usman breaks Covington's jaw in a remarkable fight at UFC 245

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A lot of MMA fans were shocked that the Colby Covington vs. Kamaru Usman fight ended up being the match of UFC 245, which was held at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, considering that both the fighters have college wrestling backgrounds. The contest, however, ended up being a striking-based brawl, that ended with Kamaru Usman getting the better of Colby Covington. Right before the fight, it appeared that the match would be between Covington's size and agility against Usman's raw energy and stamina. Albeit, for most of the fight, Covington seemed to be in the driver's seat, evading Usman's power shots with ease and landing a number of powerful counter-punches in turn.

Kamaru Usman breaks Covington's jaw

In a fight that was expected to be a purely grappling-based contest, Usman and Covington hardly grappled at all, and instead relied completely on their strategic striking abilities to take each other down. Kamaru Usman or "Chaos" as he's popularly known, managed to break Covington's jaw towards the end of the third round. This didn't stop Covington who stayed strong and put up stiff resistance in the fourth and fifth rounds before the referee stopped the fight after Covington fell to the mat twice. Covington pushed his luck a bit too far and ended up on the wrong side of a few vicious Kamaru Usman punches. In a bid to shift the match to some grappling based fighting, Convington made a desperate last-moment attempt at taking down Usman, before the referee decided to call it off.

Usman wins convincingly

Although a lot of Covington fans vented their anger at the referee's decision to stop the fight, it has to be said that Usman would have won the fight even if the fight did not end the way that it did. Despite Covington managing to evade a lot of Usman's blows, the latter's power proved to be too much to handle for the former.