Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton and Other Politicians Mocked for Undergoing Plastic Surgery

Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Waren and Nancy Pelosi are some of the American politicians who were accused of undergoing plastic surgery to improve their looks.

It is rightly said that politics can get ugly at times. In a recent turn of events, California senator Kamala Harris was accused of using botox injections. Her supporters have now started to fire back and even mocked President Donald Trump and his family for "orange makeup." This is not the first time when some female politician was accused of getting plastic surgery to improve their looks.

Earlier this week, Senator Harris spoke on MSNBC about the life and legacy of John Lewis. Shortly after her appearance, several people took to Twitter to share their thoughts about Kamala Harris' face and how she reportedly has used botox injection to tighten her cheekbones.

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Check out a tweet where the Twitter user is claiming California senator used botox injections.

However, soon after the troll started to surface, her supporters took to the social media platform and defended by saying that the quality of the video distorted her appearance.

Politicians & Plastic Surgery

The recent trolls on Harris are not the first time when USA politicians came under limelight for undergoing a knife to improve the looks. In the past, there have been several politicians who reportedly took some medical help to improve their looks.

Plastic surgery and politics have walked hand-in-hand for a very long time. Back in the '70s, Betty Ford had plastic surgery where some work was done around her eyes and on her neck. She even stated back then that she "wanted a fresh new face to go with my beautiful new life."

Over the last couple of years, American politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Waren and Hillary Clinton have all garnered significant attention not only for their political instances but for their looks as well.

Almost a decade ago, Nancy Pelosi was accused by several tabloids of having some alterations made on her face. Several significant publication houses reported that the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives' face was getting tighter with age.

Apart from Nancy Pelosi, even Hillary Clinton came under media scrutiny for her looks. Back in 2019, she attended one event in New York City and drew attention to her youthful appearances. Several even stated that the former FLOTUS underwent surgery to improve her looks.