Kamala Harris fires dozens of campaign staff in desperate bid to keep 2020 presidential hopes alive

Kamala Harris' campaign faces cash crunch as she raised $12 million in the last quarter but ended up spending $15 million

Kamala Harris in 2020 US Presidential bid

Kamala Harris' 2020 presidential campaign has run into difficult waters as her campaign managers are struggling to raise funds. At the end of the last quarter, Harris raised $12 million but ended up spending nearly $15 million. Adding to her woes, her presidential bid is currently at 3 per cent, as polled by Real Clear Politics. According to her campaign managers, she raised $35 million from over 350,000 donors.

In a desperate attempt to keep her presidential bid alive during the cash crunch, Kamala Harris has fired dozens of campaign staffers and now seeks to inject a new life into her presidential run. Despite having a clear advantage by attacking Joe Biden during the first Democratic primary debate, which brought millions of dollars to her campaign, Kamala Harris failed to capitalize on that. Since then, she had a not-so-good performance during the second and third debates, which eventually led to the cash crunch.

Juan Rodriguez, the campaign manager, in a memo explained the changes to Politico by saying, ''From the beginning of this campaign, Kamala Harris and this team set out with one goal — to win the nomination and defeat Donald Trump in 2020. This requires us to make difficult strategic decisions and make clear priorities, not threaten to drop out or deploy gimmicks... Plenty of winning primary campaigns, like John Kerry's in 2004 and John McCain's in 2008, have had to make tough choices on their way to the nomination, and this is no different.''

Harris has tried to use her experience as a prosecutor to go after Donald Trump and aid the impeachment process and during the Late Show with Seth Myers, she attacked the President by saying, ''We have a clear display of consciousness of guilt. We have a cover-up, that is that. And we have a confession. And as a former prosecutor, I know a confession when I see it. And frankly somebody ought to tell Donald Trump he has a right to remain silent.''

Whether Kamala Harris will win the Democratic nomination and face-off against Donald Trump at the polls in 2020, only time will tell!