David Limbaugh calls Joe Biden the worst demagogue and a chameleon

Joe Biden supported abortion but changed his tracks this year during the presidential bid and is now against the practice


The Democratic front-runner for the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden had several conservative stances all throughout his career as a congressman for close to five decades. The 76-year-old American politician supported abortion but changed his tracks this year during the presidential bid and is now against abortion.

This has angered conservatives and well-known political commentator and author, David Limbaugh as he lashed out against the former Vice President calling him a worst demagogue and man who can change colours like a chameleon, simply to advance himself and has no values or agenda.

Speaking to Fox & Friends, David Limbaugh said, "He'll say whatever he needs to say. He'll switch his position like a chameleon if it'll help him.'' And added that Joe Biden is the "worst kind of demagogue" for switching his position on abortion.

Limbaugh added that Democrats are against free enterprise, support open borders, and are pro-abortion "up to the moment of birth. They have a completely different vision for America. They're outright socialists now."

Also, Joe Biden who is a Catholic was denied Holy Communion during a Sunday Mass for his stance against abortion, as it goes against the principles of Catholicism. Rev Fr Robert E Morey of the Saint Anthony Catholic Church in Florence confirmed to local newspaper South Carolina Morning that he denied giving Biden Communion and cited his stance against abortion is the sole reason he was denied it.

Fr Morey also said, "I will keep Mr Biden in my prayers." The Biden campaign has not given a statement about the whole incident and has let it go.

Joe Biden is now the Democratic front-runner and if all goes well as planned, he might bag the nomination and run against Donald Trump in the 2020 elections. Both Biden and Trump have traded barbs before and their fight will only intensify as the days pass.

In several interviews, Trump has stated that Biden will never make it in the primaries and during a recent rally in Texas, he said that ''Joe Biden was only a good Vice President because he understood how to kiss Barack Obama's a**.'' His supporters erupted with cheers and laughter.