Kaitlyn McCaffery: Instagram Travel Blogger Left in Coma after Horrifying Scooter Accident in Bali

McCaffery, 31, an online influencer and entrepreneur, was driving home to her apartment on the tropical island on July 31 when she met with an accident on a remote road.

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An Instagram travel blogger from California has been battling with life after being left in coma following a scooter accident in Bali, Indonesia. Kaitlyn McCaffery of Santa Clara suffered severe brain injury after a scooter crash and her family is now seeking donations to fly her back to the United States.

McCaffery, 31, an online influencer and entrepreneur, was driving home to her apartment on the tropical island on July 31 when she met with an accident on a remote road. The exact circumstances of the crash are not yet known and there is also no confirmation on when he will be flown back home.

Horrifying Crash

Kaitlyn McCaffery
Kaitlyn McCaffery Instagram

According to the description written on GoFundMepage that has been launched by a family friend, two young men found McCaffery "alone, unconscious, broken and bleeding. Without their help, she surely would have died." Not much is known about the accident except that she is in coma and fighting for her life.

"Kaitlyn is currently in a coma at a hospital in Denpasar, Bali. She has suffered a traumatic brain injury along with multiple other serious injuries," her family wrote. The GoFundMe page also displaying a distressing of the comatose McCaffery, wherein she is seen reclining in a hospital bed, covered in bandages and hooked up to a tangle of tubes and wires.

McCaffery's chances of survival are also not known, as the family doesn't know much about what is happening to her. McCaffery's family over the past few days has placed multiple requests to visit her but they have been denied permission by the Indonesian government citing COVID-19 restrictions, they said.

"Thankfully, Kaitlyn has many loving friends who are by her side in Bali and are providing the family with updates around the clock. The family is doing everything they can to get to Bali," the post continues.

Fighting for Survival

The family has so far raised more than $200,000 but they aren't sure when or how McCaffery will be flown back to the United States. "It has been a challenge to communicate with the hospital staff due to the immense language barrier. Kaitlyn is fighting for her life!" the post reads.

According Den Gustus Cruz, a family friend, McCaffery was "smart enough" to buy an international medical insurance before going to Bali in early June. However, that hasn't helped much as the insurance provider has now allegedly refused to pay the estimated $250,000 needed to evacuate her to a trauma hospital in Northern California, which has agreed to treat her.

McCaffery is a well-known Instagram influencer and has been traveling for the past few years. She grew up in Santa Clara, California, and graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a degree in business entrepreneurship in 2016.

Over the past five years, she has traveled to over 55 countries, including exotic locales likes Jordan, Croatia, Turkey and Puerto Rico.

She has has been documenting her travel adventures on her Instagram account, @fearlesstravels, which has more than 5,400 followers.

In 2020, she also launched an online business called Sunfara with her friend Ellie. The venture specializes in fair trade accessories. About two weeks before the near-fatal crash, McCaffery and her friend shared a photo of the two of them on a pair of scooters, writing: "off we go to work today! this is how we will get all around Bali and we absolutely love it."