K-pop Star Lucas to Leave his Group NCT, Aims to Follow Independent Career

The singer has left the fans shocked with his decision to depart from the band

SM International, the agency that manages K-Pop group NCT, has announced that its band member Lucas is leaving the band to pursue his career independently. The decision has been taken after careful deliberation between Lucas and the company. NCT is one of the popular K-Pop bands across South Korea and many other Asian countries and Lucas has a huge individual fan following as well.


Lucas has been a key member of both NCT and WayV since their start, and his departure has created a significant vacuum that will be difficult to fill. Fans of the Hong Kong-born idol were saddened and heartbroken by the news, with many going to social media to express their love and support for him during this tough time.

Lucas debuted in 2018 as a member of the boy band NCT before joining its Chinese offshoot WayV in 2019. He was supposed to record songs with his bandmate Hendery as the subgroup WayV-Lucas & Hendery in 2021, however, the idea was canceled owing to a scandal involving Lucas' personal life. The singer was accused of emotional abuse and cheating on multiple women in the scandal, which broke out in August 2021. Lucas has been on indefinite leave since admitting to the claims.

Despite the shocking news, many fans have committed to continue supporting Lucas in his future endeavors, demonstrating the great commitment of the K-pop audience. Following SM Entertainment's announcement of Lucas' resignation, Lucas addressed his thoughts and feelings in a message posted on his Instagram account. His sentiments on leaving NCT and WayV and embarking on a new chapter in his career were expressed in the letter, which was written in Chinese. Fans responded positively to Lucas' letter, praising his candor and honesty regarding his decision.

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