K-pop Comebacks in May: ASTRO, TOMORROW x TOGETHER, and More

K-pop boy band ASTRO and girl group BVNDIT have confirmed their comebacks in May. Boy groups TOMORROW x TOGETHER and iKON may also return with their new projects next month. Meanwhile, singer WOODZ also hinted at his May comeback during an onstage performance.

The details of the K-pop comebacks, including title, tracks, and release date would be released in the upcoming weeks. ASTRO and TOMORROW x TOGETHER will be releasing a new project for the first time in nine months. Meanwhile, it will be BVNDIT's comeback in two years.

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Here are the Details of K-pop Comebacks in May:


The boyband is reportedly making a comeback in May, and they are making their final preparations for it. A representative from their agency, Fantagio, also confirmed the news. It will be their first comeback in nine months. The boy band released their last musical project in August 2021. It was a mini-album, titled SWITCH ON.

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The boy group is also gearing up for their first comeback in nine months, according to K-media outlets. They are likely to join the May lineup. More details will be revealed soon.

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The girl group has announced the details of their upcoming comeback through a special V Live stream on Sunday. They were celebrating their third debut anniversary with fans when they made this surprising announcement. It will be their first comeback in two years. The details about this project will be revealed in the upcoming days.

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Singer Jo Seung Youn, known by his stage name WOODZ, is likely to release his next album in May. He hinted about his comeback on stage during his performance with Colde and Ha Sung Woon in the Someday Theatre Cantabile, which was held at the Sejong Center in Seoul.

While performing in a beret, the fans requested him to take it off, and he shared the reason for wearing it. "The reason I'm wearing a hat is that this May..." he said before pausing and making an expression of spilling a major spoiler.

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WOODZ shared some details about his upcoming project shortly before his onstage performance. The singer informed his fans that he is working on a new album, and it is based on a rock band sound.

"I've been working hard preparing the album, and I changed my hairstyle, so I had no choice but to wear a hat today", he said.


The boy band is gearing up for a group comeback. They shared the news with the fans through an official poster that revealed that a new album was on the way. The date and other details of the comeback will be released in the upcoming days.

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