K Michelle's Butt Implants Fall Off While Twerking on Instagram Live [VIDEO]

The singer and reality TV star nearly died a couple of years ago after getting illegal butt injections off the black market.

K Michelle is trending on Twitter because of an embarrassing incident that took place during her Instagram live session on Tuesday night.

The R&B singer, born in Memphis, Tennessee, as Kimberly Michelle Pate, was dancing to Cardi B's Up in a black dress in what appears to be her house during the Instagram live broadcast.. As the song continued, Michelle started showing off her twerking moves when one of her butt implants fell off.

K Michelle
Stills from the Instagram Live video that is being circulated on social media. YouTube

Immediately realizing this, Michelle tried to cover it up while trying to hold her implant in place. She continues to play it off and busts some more dance moves before ending the video in the hope that the embarrassing accident went unnoticed by the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star's 6.8 million followers on the platform.

Twitter Reactions

Turns out, she was wrong. Social media users witnessed the incident and were quick to react to the video with memes, causing her to start trending on Twitter.

"#kmichelle trying to twerk," one wrote while sharing a gif of a car trying rolling out. "I love K. Michelle but I know she embarrassed right now," read another comment. "K. Michelle gotta chill on the surgery," wrote another user after watching the video. Here are some of the Twitter reactions:

K Michelle's Illegal Butt Implants Nearly Killed Her

The Love 'Em All singer has been pretty vocal about undergoing surgery to have her illegal butt implants removed. "Your body cannot handle foreign objects in it," she had told People in a June 2018 interview while admitting that she got the butt injections and had fat transferred to her hips and butt in order to look like a Coca-Cola bottle.

Michelle noted that she purchased the illegal injections off the black market. She heard about a man in Atlanta who would inject her hips and butt with silicone to help her achieve the shape she desired. "He wasn't a doctor — it was black market, it was these 'hydrogel' injections — that's what they were being called," she said. "When I found out my favorite rapper did it, that's when I decided, 'I'm getting it done.' "

She was happy with the results for about five years, which is when she was cast on Love & Hip Hop but then she started showing symptoms, including migraines, fatigue and terrible pain in her back and legs. She was later informed by doctors that the silicone had spread down her legs and was damaging her tissue and threatening her overall health. Michelle had to undergo four surgeries and two blood transfusions to have the silicone removed from her body.

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