JYP staff who first cast Suzy reveals why the miss A singer was chosen

Says the JYP staff who cast her was was very insistent.

Bae Su-ji
JYP Entertainment staff Kim Hyun-kyung and Bae Su-ji. youtube.com/Dingo Music

Singer Suzy-bae, who until recently, was mostly in news due to her relationship with actor Lee Min-ho, revealed she wasn't sure about marriage and announced a duet album with singer Park Won. She was suffering from various anxieties related to her relationship, career and public expectations but now seems to be in good spirits. In the February 19 episode of her show 'Off the Record: Suzy,' she revealed how she was chosen to be a part of JYP Entertainment, her label.

As noted by Soompi, Suzy visited places from her past that have a special significance in her life. In the episode, which can be seen here, she first visits an old practise room which she used to frequent during her trainee days. She is seen making various dance gestures, for fun, staring at a large mirror on the opposite wall. She laughs at herself and appears to be in a playful mood.

Following this, she visits a cafe and an ice-cream shop, where she buys a whole bucket of what looks like a vanilla-strawberry twin flavoured ice-cream. Her next stop is of course at JYP Entertainment building in Seoul, established by Park Jin-young in 1997. She surprised Kim Hyun-kyung; the lady who had first cast Suzy even though the singer, at that point of time, was not even properly dressed for an interview.

"I was about to give up on trying to cast trainees when you showed up. Your hair was all tied up and your clothes were like a boy's. But I was lured in by your pretty face," Hyun-kyung revealed, as noted by Koreaboo. Suzy returned the favour with nice words: "She was really persistent. I had to wait for 8 hours to finally audition and she waited right until the end with me."

It was also revealed that the casting manager still watches Suzy's audition tapes often. Suzy, needless to say was very happy as she started laughing and asked whether it was really her on the tape, all these years ago. At the end of the show, she boarded a bus, possibly to go home. We wish the miss A singer, who earlier guest starred on 'Running Man,' continued success and happiness in her career and life.

This article was first published on February 22, 2017