Justin Bieber Sparks Concern Among Fans After He Is Seen Crying in Selfies Posted to Instagram Amid Rumors of Rift With Wife Hailey

Justin, 30, and Hailey, 27, have been married since 2018, but their relationship has often been subject to split rumors.

Justin Bieber shared a more emotional side on Sunday by posting a series of selfies showing him in tears. The 30-year-old singer took to Instagram multiple times over the weekend, sharing various photo collections. Included among the snapshots were images from his unexpected appearance at Coachella, where he performed during Tems' set.

While some photos show the singer playing golf, lounging on the beach, smoking, and trying on different sneakers, one post in particular caught fans' attention wherein he shared close-up selfies showing him visibly crying. The pop star gazed directly into the camera, appearing thoroughly dejected, before bringing the lens closer to capture a tear rolling down his cheek.

Justin Raises Concern

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber seen crying in one of the selfies he posted after his surprise Coachella performance Instagram

Justin didn't provide any captions for his posts and did not give any reason for his tears, raising concerns among his followers. One of his fans asked, ""why u crying tho; Justin, we are here for you brother; You good bro?; I hope you are doing okay, i hate to see tears running down your face."

Some speculated that rumors of a split between Justin and his wife, Hailey, were the cause, with one person writing, "Is it a sign?" and another suggesting, "He is shouting for help people."

Justin, 30, and Hailey, 27, have been married since 2018, but their relationship has often been subject to split rumors.

Recent speculation arose when Hailey's father, Stephen Baldwin, 57, asked for "prayers" for the couple.

However, Hailey tried to dispel the rumors by commenting on her husband's tearful post. She simply wrote: "a pretty crier" followed by a smiling crying emoji.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber Instagram

Hailey also took to her Instagram Stories to share another one of Justin's numerous Instagram posts, selecting one of the hitmaker sitting shirtless on the beach.

Expressing her admiration for his toned chest and array of tattoos, she wrote: "Oh...I'm...unwell."

Mystery Continues

In February, Hailey's father, Stephen, shared a reposted clip of Justin singing originally shared by All Things Possible Ministries founder, Victor Marx. The actor added text over the video, urging Christians to offer prayers for Justin and Hailey's wisdom, protection, and closeness to the Lord.

Haley Bieber
Haley Bieber Instagram

This led to speculation about marital issues, but both the model and singer dismissed the rumors.

TMZ reported that Hailey and Justin are dealing with a private matter known to her father. His plea for followers to pray for the couple allegedly related to their current issue.

Hailey is said to be unhappy that her father drew attention to her and Justin, although neither has addressed Stephen's post.

However, she did use her Instagram stories to slam "false" theories about her marriage to Justin.

She wrote: "Just FYI the stories and constant "blind items" I see on TikTok are 100% of the time wrong. Made out of thin air...come from the land of delusion."

Justin Bieber
Justin and Haley Bieber Instagram

"So I know it may be fun feeding into these stories but just know they're always false xx sorry to spoil it," Hailey added.

Justin wasn't accompanied by his wife during his surprise performance at Coachella and was seen without his wedding ring. However, the couple was seen together in the crowd at the music festival, engaging in a noticeable public display of affection, which Justin later posted on his Instagram.

Hailey also recorded her husband's performance and shared it on social media, captioning it with "Oh hey baby."