Jurassic World 3 plot speculation, spoilers: Will dinosaurs interact with civilians?

The director of Jurassic World 3, Colin Trevorrow, recently shared a glimpse of the upcoming movie with his fans and it featured an animatronic dinosaur.

Jurassic World 3 is more than a year away from its big screen release and nothing much is known about the movie. Director Colin Trevorrow and lead cast Chris Pratt shared little details about the plot with their fans. One thing that has been keeping the franchise fans excited about the film is the return of Jeff Goldblum, Laura Dern and Sam Neil.

While the cast and crew are being tight-lipped about the story, franchise fans have been trying to collect every detail about the flick. Recently, a Twitter user – monikered as Reel News Hawaii – shared certain details about the casting call for the dino-centric movie. The casting call is for people between the age group 25 – 65 who are living in Merritt and surrounding areas. They will be featured in the movie as mill workers, fishermen and townfolk.

"Things that make you go Rawr! While not confirmed, I do believe we've possibly found the 1st background call for Jurassic World 3. According to a Vancouver production list Sandra-Ken Freeman is casting, they put out a call with the exact dates of JW3 to be filmed in Merritt, BC!," the social media user tweeted.

Jurassic World 3
Jurassic World 3 casting call Twitter

Will Jurassic World 3 feature an interaction between civilians and dinosaurs?

According to a fansite called Jurassic Outpost, the casting call is probably for sequences that will feature interactions between dinosaurs and civilians. The sequences may also feature carnotaurus and mosasaurus creating havoc in the populated area.

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As we can see from the casting call in question, the casting agency are looking for both males and females to play Mill Workers, Fishermen and Townsfolk as part of the feature film. This could potentially suggest that the film will include sequences where we see civilians interacting with the dinosaurs. Indeed, a Carnotaurus rampaging through a busy mill, tearing it apart, or a Mosasaurus hunting down fishing ships in a Jaws-esque homage certainly sounds appealing and fulfilling for some initial set pieces within the film.

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A leaked still photo shows a scene from the 'Jurassic World' sequel being filmed in the UK. twitter.com/sickkgirl_

What is in the first footage of Jurassic World 3?

Trevorrow recently shared behind-the-scenes footage of the upcoming Jurassic World sequel with his Twitter followers. The clip was accompanied with a caption and featured an animatronic dinosaur. The short clip shows a baby dinosaur moving his head from inside a cage. It looked like a type of sauropod with a hefty headgear, reported wegothiscovered.com.

Jurassic World 3 will hit the big screens on June 11, 2021. It will feature Chris Pratt as Owen Grady, Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire Dearing, Jeff Goldblum as Dr Ian Malcolm, Sam Neill as Dr Alan Grant and Laura Dern as Dr Ellie Sattler. The movie is being directed by Trevorrow and written by Emily Carmichael and Derek Connolly.