Jurassic World 2 spoilers: New leaked set video reveals intense action scene [WATCH]

Video shows man wearing rain coats similar to the one Dennis Nedry wore in Jurassic Park.

Jurassic World 2
A leaked still photo shows a scene from the 'Jurassic World' sequel being filmed in the UK. twitter.com/sickkgirl_

The fifth 'Jurassic Park' film is coming along nicely. Various photos from the UK sets of the movie have made their way online, including some official teases. However, the production team has for the most part, maintained a secrecy surrounding the project, though images and videos still leak out. One such video, shows a tense action sequence being filmed.

Jurassic Outpost, an online community about everything related to the 'Jurassic Park' franchise, pointed out a short video clip uploaded by Twitter user @sickkgirl_. The footage reveals filming of a night-time scene, somewhere in the UK. A helicopter rig has been set-up, with a crew or cast member inside. It looks like a dark moonless night; there is fake rain and thunderstorm. More interestingly, there is a guy in a yellow raincoat, trying to climb a rope ladder attached to the chopper. Nothing much can be made out though.

As some of the commenters have pointed out, the yellow rain coats are just like the ones Dennis Nedry wore in Steven Spielberg's 1993 film. However, it's too dark to tell for sure. The scene might depict a rescue attempt of sorts. In fact, the film itself appears as if it's a rescue mission, based on the earlier photos of trucks with dinosaur-sized cages around the sets. The set appears to be surrounded densely by trees, which might just be somewhere in Isla Nublar, or the jungles of Costa Rica perhaps. Hopefully, the scene involves a carnivorus dinosaur.

It is wonderful that rain and thunderstorms are back in a 'Jurassic Park' film. The last time we had such a scene during was in Joe Johnston's 'Jurassic Park III' and that was in 2001. Many have complained that 'Jurassic World' lacked the atmosphere of mystery and the sense of danger that the earlier films possessed.

The thunderstorm scenes certainly created an ominous atmosphere that contributed to the scary feel of those films. When the first lightning struck while the scientists were inspecting the sick Triceratops in 'Jurassic Park,' one knew that something bad was going to happen in the coming moments. The heavy winds and the swaying trees added to that sense of foreboding. Nature's warning bell had been rung. Knowing J.A. Bayona's style, one can expect similar moments in the upcoming film as well.

J.A Bayona ('A Monster Calls') has promised that the 'Jurassic World' sequel will indeed be scarier. Chris Pratt confirmed that recently, in an interview with Screenrant. "Aw man, J.A. Bayona? Do you know that filmmaker? He's a remarkable filmmaker. If you haven't seen The Impossible or A Monster Calls, I mean he's really visually masterful. Deep emotions and suspense. I think it's going to be a scarier version. A little bit darker and will continue to expand and carry the story forward in a way that is really unexpected and you wouldn't have imagined," he said.

On the other hand, there's no word yet whether Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum or Laura Dern will be back in a cameo role for the 'Jurassic World' sequel. Though the male leads had no idea whether they'd be called back, Dern recently expressed interest in reprising her Paleobotanist role from the first and third film. She told Entertainment Weekly, "As I said to the people who are making the new series, 'If you guys make a last one, you gotta let Ellie Sattler come back. She's always the one who's saving the day, man!"

Interestingly, Neill, Goldblum and Dern were all in the UK filming. Neill and Goldblum were filming 'Thor: Ragnarok,' while Dern was filming 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi.' So, there might be a glimmer of hope for cameos from at least one of them. And if not on this one then perhaps on the sixth film. After all, to hardcore fans, these actors are like the Holy Trinity of 'Jurassic Park' cast. We also know that both the T-Rex and a Dilophosaur are going to wreak havoc in this film.

The untitled 'Jurassic World' sequel, written by Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly is set for a June 22, 2018 release.

This article was first published on April 21, 2017