Jungkook's Explosive New Solo Single '3D' Takes the Music World by Storm with Jack Harlow Collaboration

Track crosses 1.5 million views within 40 miniutes of release

In a breathtaking musical revelation, BTS' golden maknae, Jungkook, has once again soared to new heights with his latest solo single, "3D." Following the resounding success of his previous hit, "Seven," Jungkook is poised to conquer the music world once more.


The unveiling of "3D" was nothing short of a spectacle. Its announcement occurred during Jungkook's electrifying performance at the 2023 Global Citizen Festival on September 24th. Additionally, teasers, namely '3D' Hero Film 1 and '3D' Hero Film 2, were strategically dropped on BTS' social media platforms, heightening the anticipation.

"3D" delves into the captivating theme of yearning for an unattainable love interest, viewed through the lens of three distinct dimensions. Jungkook's multifaceted talents shine brilliantly in this composition.

The music video for "3D" is a visual marvel, with Jungkook and his troupe of dancers delivering an explosive and seamless performance. Directed by the acclaimed Drew Kirsch, known for his work with artists such as Taylor Swift and Jungkook and Charlie Puth's "Left and Right," the video employs dynamic camera movements, immersing viewers in an experience that transcends dimensions. A notable highlight is the chess match between Jungkook and Jack Harlow, where the two artists engage in a strategic and creative battle.

Fans were unable to contain their excitement as they witnessed Jungkook pour his heart and soul into this extraordinary showcase of talent. The perfect fusion of vocals and dance in the video masterfully conveys the message of love transcending multiple dimensions. The ARMY is already brimming with anticipation, expecting "3D" to set the charts ablaze.

In recent developments, Jungkook's star power continues to illuminate the global stage. His show-stopping performance at the 2023 Global Citizen Festival on September 23rd left fans in awe. During his rendition of "Seven," he was joined by the talented Latto, who had also collaborated on the track. The fans' fervor erupted on social media with the trending hashtag #JungkookOnGlobalCitizen, amassing over a million tweets.

Further cementing his status as a musical force, Jungkook was awarded the Song of the Summer accolade at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards for "Seven." His extraordinary talents continue to captivate audiences worldwide.


On September 29th, the beloved BTS member dropped his highly anticipated new single, "3D," featuring American singer and rapper Jack Harlow. Within a mere 38 minutes of its release, the song garnered an astounding 1.5 million views. The music video showcases Jungkook in four distinctive looks, while Jack Harlow exudes charisma in two striking appearances.

Notably, Jungkook also treated fans to a mesmerizing cover of "Stay," originally by The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber. The Kid LAROI himself acknowledged Jungkook's rendition on Instagram, hinting at a potential collaboration. The Australian artist is scheduled to perform in Busan on October 8th, sparking even more excitement among fans.

In essence, Jungkook's musical journey continues to evolve, leaving an indelible mark on the global music scene, and "3D" is yet another testament to his extraordinary talent and artistic prowes

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