Jungkook reveals the source of his motivation. Pinterest

BTS singer Jungkook reveals the motivation behind his hard work and success – his own band members. During the South Korea stop of the band's Live Trilogy Episode III tour, the singer was asked who are his rivals, to which he replied that the other members of the Big Hit Entertainment-formed-band are his biggest competitors. Explaining further, Jungkook said that his members motivate him to work harder and are the actual source of his inspiration.

As reported by Koreaboo, Jungkook also said how his team members of BTS motivate him and help him in self-improvement. "My rivals are my [BTS] members. When I begin to feel tired and do not want to work anymore, I see my members next to me working so hard without taking a break. When I see the members like that, I end up thinking a lot. Because we can see each other grow and hold each other accountable, we all improve together," said the 19-year-old singer.

The popular boy band recently made a grand comeback with their power packed album 'You Never Walk Alone' and the response was overwhelming. Currently, the boys are on a world tour and reportedly their next stop is Santiago, Chile.