Jun So Min, Kim Jae Hwa, and Yum Jung Ah Try Spying in New Drama Cleaning Up

Kim Jae Hwa, Yum Jung Ah, and Jun So Min will work as cleaners in a security firm in the new JTBC drama Cleaning Up. The mini-series is based on a British drama of the same name. It will focus on the three cleaners whose lives will change after the women overhear some vital informations about insider trading. The office drama will premiere on JTBC Saturday, June 4, at 10.30 pm KST.

With just a month left for the premiere, the production team has released new stills introducing the central characters. The first image features Jung Ah as a hard-working mother of two daughters. Her name is Eo Yong Mi, and she feels a sense of responsibility as the only breadwinner in the family. The cleaner wears an elegant outfit rather than her workwear in the newly released photo.

Meanwhile, So Min will portray Yong Mi's younger colleague Ahn In Kyung, who works hard and saves money to achieve her goal. She plans to open a moving cafe with a food truck with her hard-earned money. The newly released still features her in workwear. In the image, she is standing guard.

Cleaning Up
JTBC introduces the three cleaners at a security firm in the new teaser video. YouTube/Screenshot

In Kyung and Yong Mi have a close friend named Meng Soo Ja, portrayed by Jae Hwa. She is their co-worker and a resourceful person with a charming personality. Soo Ja is good at befriending anyone and getting information from them. The newly released photo features her in an extravagant outfit, standing against the wall with attitudes.


The video features a dreamlike sequence, which shows document forging, spying, and wiretapping are as easy as cleaning for Soo Ja, Yong Mi, and In Kyung. It hints at their first secret mission, which will help find the path to a new destiny. The trio operates their cleaning equipment in all-black outfits, but they quickly change into their usual workwear.

"Eo Yong Mi, Ahn In Kyung, and Meng Soo Ja, who used to be ordinary cleaners, will unite as sweepers who would sweep information about stocks by chance. Kindly look forward to the background of why they teamed up and what kind of life-changing history they will write", the production team teased.


Ahead of the premiere, the production team released a poster highlighting the dangerous ambitions of the three cleaners. They decide to enter the dark world of insider trading and make their lives easier. The poster shows them aiming a vacuum cleaner at a pile of cash, and the caption reads, "With the skills they used to sweep the floor, they'll be sweeping up every last bit of stock info".

"This June, cleaners Yong Mi, In Kyung, and Soo Ja will use their know-how from sweeping floors to hatch a scheme to change their lives. With a toilet plunger in one hand as their spear and desperation in the other hand as their shield, the three women will jump into a stock war that no one can predict. Please look forward to finding out if they will be able to hit the upper limit price of life", the producers commented.