Jeon So Min of Running Man fame likely to join Lee Kwang Soo's agency King Kong by Starship

Jeon So Min's current agency and doctor stated that she was taking a break from all activities for now. Here is the truth behind the actress joining King Kong by Starship

South Korean actress Jeon So Min is not only taking a break from all cinibiz activities but is also likely to change her agency, say reports. According to latest news Jeon So Min is likely to join agency King Kong by Starship that also represents her fellow cast in the Running Man prgramme, Lee Kwang Soo.

Jeon So Min had left the set of Running Man on April 12 and did not return after she complained of health issues. Her current agency Entertainment IAM and the doctor who attended to her stated that the actress will be taking a break from all shooting related activities.

Reacting to the news of Jeon So Min changing agencies, reports claimed that a source from King Kong agency has said that they were in talks to sign Jeon So Min and the contract has not been finalized.

Jeon So Min's contract with Entertainment IAM is going to end soon and she was already searching for another agency to continue her career activities.

An exclusive report in Ilgan Sports stated that the actress recently had discussions with King Kong by Starship and the talks were positive. In case the contract is signed, then Jeon So Min will be joining her fellow cast Lee Kwang Soo in the agency.

Jeon So Min and Lee Kwang Soo
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Lee Kwang Soo has been a part of King Kong by Starship even since his rookie days. He has been a part of the successful reality show Running Man since 2010. Whereas Jeon So Min joined the crew of Running Man in the year 2017.

Lee Kwang Soo also had taken a break from Running Man shows after he met with an accident in February, but is now back in the show. It is not clear if Jeon So Min will still be a part of Running Man.

Jeon So Min made her debut with sitcom Miracle for MBN in 2004. She became popular with the movie Cinderella in 2006. Her fifrst drama was Princess Aurora that aired in 2013 and she also won best new actress award for the same. Her other popular dramas are Tomorrow Victory, Something About 1 Percent, Cross.

Jeon So Min is not only an actress, but turned author with the release of her first book "You Can Call Me After a Drink," in January 2020.