Jun Ji Hyun  in Legend of the Blue Sea
Jun Ji Hyun in Legend of the Blue Sea youtube

The fans and followers of popular Korean dramas follow their trend quite religiously -- they often take note of their favourite celebrities' fashion pieces that they wear in TV dramas. The latest is perhaps the lipstick trend that the lead actresses Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Go Eun in the highly-rated TV series "Legend of the Blue Sea" and "Goblin" started.

Both the actresses were seen in different lipstick shades in their respective TV dramas. According to Korea Herald, "Given the popularity of the TV series "Legend of the Blue Sea" and "Goblin," the demand for the lipstick colors they used in the dramas increased."

The same reported also indicated that the craze of the said lipstick colors went beyond South Korea and reached China. Fans in China were reportedly searching for "mermaid lips" or lipstick that Jun wore in "Legend of the Blue Sea,"on the online portal site Baidu.

In the SBS fantasy drama, Jun Ji Hyun was spotted in several lip shades. Two colours which are trending are a hot pink shade and a red-colored tint from the brand Hera's Rouge Holic line specifically lipsticks #147 Supreme Pink and #333 Passion, respectively, Yibada reported.

Kim Go Eun's natural coloured lip tints in the tvN drama "Goblin" was loved by the avid fans of the series. According to Yibada, "Sporting the #264 PEUT-ETRE lipstick from Lancome's l'absolu rouge line, the said lip shade became more popular when "Goblin" was released."

In other news, the SBS fantasy drama "Legend of the Blue Sea" reigns the drama ratings race and surpassed the mark of 20 percent rating with its episode 17.

"The "Legend of the Blue Sea" recently reached its highest TV rating in Seoul since it premiered in November 2016. Aired on Jan. 12, Thursday, episode 17 posted nationwide viewership shares of 20.8 percent," Nielsen Korea said, according to Yonhap.