Singaporean actress Julie Tan wants to leave the country as soon as possible. The 23-year-old, who will be flying to New York to accelerate a new phase of her life, stated that she broke up with her boyfriend of six months.

Tan, who opened up about her 11 year senior boyfriend in January, wishes her break-up to turn into a "blessing in disguise". The actress told Toggle: "It didn't happen overnight – there were some signs long ago. And if you noticed, I actually deleted all his photographs from my Instagram account."

The actress was reportedly initially happy in the relationship and also described her beau as mature, thoughtful and understanding person earlier. She added: "When I shared about this relationship in the beginning, I thought that we'd last till marriage, but [I later] realized that things just will not work out [between us] no matter how hard we tried."

During the telephonic interview, the actress also admitted that her relationship did not blossom because she did not think of marriage yet, while her partner "wanted to settle down", considering his age. However, the bond started to shatter due to the difference in opinions.

Tan, who will be turning 24 in September, affirmed that the short lived romance has made her sad. She quoted: "I've spent enough time being said and I want to feel happy again and start afresh... separations are unavoidable after all."

Tan just wrapped up her shoot for Peace & Prosperity, and will be flying to Big Apple for a four-month career enhancement course in June end.