Joo Won and BoA dating: Actor's ideal woman is someone with a pot belly comment resurfaces

Joo Won and BoA have been in a relationship since late last year.

Joo Won and BoA
Joo Won and BoA are dating Instagram/zu.won_moon.jun.won

Actor Joo Won and singer-actor BoA are dating, it has been revealed. The two have been in a relationship since late last year, after meeting through common friends.

The dating report was released by media outlet TV Report. Won's label, Huayi Brothers said in a statement: "The reports are true. The two appear to have been drawn to each other thanks to their common interests such as exercising and watching movies."

A source close to the couple told Soompi: "It's cute to see them cherish one another and date cautiously. Many around them are envious of the couple."

In 2015, Won made appearance on Healing Camp, in which he confessed that his ideal type is a person with a little bit of a belly. He said: "I really love bellies. I don't know. Bellies are my favorite. I guess nothing really matters when you like someone."

The show's host Kim Je Dong asked: "Are you the kind of person who can't get over a love when you're really into someone?"

Won responded: "It's not that I can't get over a love, but that I don't try to get over it in the first place."

Won is currently busy filming for the drama remake of movie, My Sassy Girl along with Oh Yeon Seo. The show will be airing on SBS on Mondays and Tuesdays.