Jonathan Price Defended Police Brutality Months Before Being Fatally Shot by Texas Police Officer

Jonathan Price, 31, was shot and killed by a Wolfe City police officer while breaking up a domestic dispute at a gas station on Saturday.

A Wolfe City police officer has been placed on administrative leave after shooting and killing an unarmed black man on Saturday. The man, identified as 31-year-old Jonathan Price, was trying to break up a domestic violence situation at a gas station when he was shot multiple times by the officer.

Authorities have released few details about the officer-involved shooting other than the fact that the Texas Rangers are now investigating the incident.

Jonathan Price
Jonathan Price Facebook

According to Price's family and eyewitnesses, Price was at an Exxon gas station when he saw a man and a woman arguing. Price tried to intervene when an officer pulled up, deployed a taser and fired multiple shots at Price. He was reportedly unarmed and had his hands in the air when he was shot in the chest once and twice in the back, killing him.

Price's death has sparked outrage on social media with many expressing their anger over the police's excessive use of force and demanding justice for Price, spurring the hashtag #JusticeforJonathan to become a trending topic on Twitter.

FB Post Defending Racism, White Cops

In June, Price shared a Facebook post in which he detailed how he was raised by a white family when he was growing up, which he says "outweighs any BS about race or color." Price added that his biological family was never there for him and failed to support him despite being his "blood."

Jonathan Price
Jonathan Price and his white family. Facebook

Price also noted that there have been many instances in his life when he has encountered white cops but has not been on the receiving end of any police brutality or racism.

"There were times i should have been detained for speeding, outstanding citations, out dated registration, dozing off at a red light before making it to my garage downtown Dallas after a lonnng night out. I've passed a sobriety test after leaving a bar in Wylie, Texas by 2 white cops and still let me drive to where I was headed," he wrote. I've never got that kind of ENERGY from the po-po [police]."

"Not saying black lives don't matter, but don't forget about your own, or your experiences through growth / "waking up," he added. Read the full post below: