Joltee aims at combining mobility of the future & rewarding responsible motorists

Joltee proposes a reward program for electric vehicle drivers: users will be encouraged to drive as best as possible to get more rewards

Insurance companies are struggling to offer an attractive offer to insure corporate or public fleets of electric vehicles, bicycles, scooters. Customers are finding it difficult to justify profitability mainly due to a large claim burden, and where they associate insurance companies with a burden on their wallet. Joltee understood the need to propose a solution that meets everyone's expectations.

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The start-up has brought together several large companies in an ecosystem that brings together stakeholders around mobility, including insurance companies, electricity suppliers and leasing companies.

The Jolts give access to a world of opportunities

The Joltee platform wants to propose a solution that meets the expectations of both the fleets of vehicles of companies or public, users and insurers. Car sharing and electric vehicles are the future of mobility, and Joltee aims to be part of this movement to allow cost-sharing and reduced traffic density or solve the problem of lack of parking spaces.

The calculation of these rewards is based on data collected by the Joltee program on the behavior of users driving vehicles. This data will then be analyzed and used to attest to the good conduct of insurance companies. The driving assessment criteria are shared with the driver in a transparent manner.

The loyalty program will be distributed using the JOLT token issued by the startup Joltee. The JOLT is an ERC20 token from the Ethereum network (ETH). Rewards will be calculated using artificial intelligence algorithms, which will examine whether the driver has behaved well while driving, whether he has respected the vehicle, and whether he contributes to the community.

Jolts for sale: ICO

The JOLT tokens will have various benefits, the user can spend them to recharge his car on electric stations (Izivia), pay his electricity bill (EDF), or even pay his insurance contracts (Generali). Joltee also approached other mobility actors such as Lime, Kapten, and Voi to integrate the JOLT reward system.

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Joltee has launched an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and thus offers the Jolts during a private sale. For now, a 50% bonus is available in this first phase of sale. A public sale is then scheduled for the first quarter of 2020. Combining the mobility of the future with a system of good conduct (in every sense of the word!) is an ambitious project for which Joltee seems to have found the solution.