'Joker' Killer on Tokyo Train Had 'Messed Up' Career and Wanted to Get Death Penalty

The 24-year-old man who went on a mad rampage, stabbing 10 people on a Tokyo commuter train while being dressed as Batman villain 'Joker' on Sunday, October 31, was allegedly 'depressed'. Japan News reports that the suspect told cops he did what he did in hopes of getting the death penalty because he'd "messed up at work". "I wanted to die," the suspect, who was identified as Kyota Hattori told the cops.

A viral footage showed him sitting calmly and smoking a cigarette after injuring 17 people and setting the carriage on fire as officers approached to arrest him. According to witnesses, the attacker donned a green shirt, a blue suit, and a purple coat. His look resembled that of the 'Joker' from the Batman series.

"I messed up at work around June and wasn't getting along with friends," Hattori told the police during interrogation. "I thought that if I killed two or more people, I would get the death penalty. It didn't matter who they were," he added. Hattori then confessed to spraying pesticide into the eyes of a 72-year-old man before stabbing him in the chest with a 12-inch knife. The man was in critical condition after the knife pierced his lung.

Tokyo commuter attack suspect
Tokyo commuter attack suspect Screen grab - Twitter

The 'Joker Killer' was inspired by a similar train attack in Tokyo

Kyota Hattori admitted to being inspired by a similar train attack in Tokyo, which took place earlier this year in August. He even noted that he used lighter fluid to set the carriage on fire as cooking oil used in the previous attack didn't work. According to police, after stabbing the 72-year-old man, Hattori moved to another carriage, spread the lighter fluid, and set the seats on fire.

"Looking at the Odakyu Line train case in August, I targeted an express train which would have more passengers and used cigarette lighter fluid," Hattori told the police, the Tokyo news reported. Tokyo metropolitan police department informed Monday, November 1 that Hattori is being investigated on suspicion of attempted murder.

The August train attacker wanted to attack 'women who looked happy'

The attack that inspired Hattori took place on August 7, just a day before the Olympic Closing Ceremony in Tokyo. The suspect, a 36-year-old male went on a killing spree and stabbed 10 commuters. He later told the police he wanted to attack 'women who looked happy'.