Joker 2 to bring a new Batman -- Will it be Robert Pattinson?

Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix's Joker movie is ruling the worldwide box-office and now several are speculating about the possibility of Joker 2 movie.

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Joaquin Phoenix's Joker is ruling the worldwide box-office by grossing over $740 million. Some reports now suggest that Warner Bros. and DCEU are repeatedly going to turn Joker into a franchise and most likely to cast a new actor to play the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Warner Bros. and Matt Reeves are currently making Robert Pattinson-starrer The Batman movie. After Ben Affleck, Robert Pattinson has become the latest actor to play the role of Bruce Wayne. There are now reports that Todd Phillips will most likely return to write and direct Joker 2 movie and for that, they are reportedly going to cast a new actor.

As of now, there is no confirmed report from Warner Bros. that Todd Phillips is moving ahead with Joker 2 but sources close to WeGotThisCovered stated that the studio is 100 percent going ahead with Joker 2. If Warner Bros. will go ahead with Joker 2 and other subsequent parts in the series that features Joaquin Phoenix, then we are going to see a full-fledged Batman, not a young Bruce Wayne just like Robert Pattinson in the forthcoming The Batman movie.

"The Dark Knight won't even be appearing in Joker 2 – no, in that upcoming film, only the seeds will be planted for the hero," reveals the alleged source. Since it is already established that Todd Phillips and Matt Reeves' Gotham city are placed in two different timelines, it makes sense that Todd Phillips' Joker 2 or Joker 3 movie will feature a new Caped Crusader.

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At the same time, Joaquin Phoenix's Joker movie worked exceptionally well as it was meant for a standalone film. If the studio will move ahead with the stories of both Batman and Joker in one feature film, then the movie may turn out to be yet another The Dark Knight. In addition to this, several fans think that Todd Phillips and Warner Bros. should not go ahead with Joker 2 as it will end the authenticity the first part possessed.

Meanwhile, several fans think that Joaquin Phoenix should get an Oscar for his performance as Arthur Fleck in Robert De Niro-starrer Joker movie, as he brought the character to life which other actors in the past failed to do.