Johnny Bairstow Shows Met Police How to Deal with Protesters as He Hauls Just Stop Oil Activist Off Lord's Pitch to the Delight of Ashes Crowd [WATCH]

Bairstow later had to go back to the pavilion to change his shirt as the protester continued to sprinkle the orange powder all through as he was carried off the field.

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England's cricket star Johnny Bairstow took matters into his own hand after a Just Stop Oil activist invaded the greens at the Ashes in London on Wednesday. Bairstow was seen picking up one of the pitch perpetrators on his shoulders and carrying him off the field to thundering applause before the all-important match against the Australians could be resumed.

The demonstrator spilled orange paint on the cricket field near the wicket, resulting in a delay of several minutes while the ground staff fixed the damaged pitch. While security scrambled to handle the situation, Bairstow showed how to deal with the saboteurs as he took matters into his own hands, to the delight of fans at the ground.

Bair Show at Lords

Johnny Bairstow
Johnny Bairstow took matters into his own hands and hauled the Just Stop Oil activist off the field Twitter

Before the second over of the morning session at Lord's, two protesters from the Just Stop Oil movement sprinted onto the pitch and tried to hurl orange paint across the central playing area.

As the security personnel rushed to the pitch to stop the invaders, Bairstow intervened. Bairstow immediately approached one of the activists and lifted them in his arms, proceeding towards the security marshals positioned near the spectator stands.

Upon reaching them, he handed over the protester and promptly returned to the pitch to resume the game.

Bairstow later had to go back to the pavilion to change his shirt as the protester continued to sprinkle the orange powder all through as he was carried off the field.

A second Just Stop Oil protester also managed to reach the pitch but was swiftly removed by security personnel, with David Warner and Ben Stokes seen intervening in the video that has now gone viral.

A third protester was intercepted before entering the playing area.

The Metropolitan Police said that the three Just Stop Oil activists were arrested and taken into custody.

Johnny Bairstow
Johnny Bairstow seen carrying off the protester Twitter

Just Stop Oil issued a statement mentioning that among those involved in the action was a 69-year-old grandmother from Epsom. However, it was clarified that she did not manage to enter the pitch.

The two protesters who stormed onto the pitch were wearing white t-shirts that clearly identified them as eco-activists from Just Stop Oil. Prompt action was taken by marshals and players, resulting in the swift removal of the protesters from the vicinity.

Not the Right Place

This incident at the 2nd Ashes test at the Lord's follows similar disruptive actions witnessed during snooker games at the Crucible earlier this year.

Johnny Bairstow
Johnny Bairstow was applauded by the crowd as he carried the eco-saboteur off the Lord's Twitter

Just Stop Oil has been persistently carrying out such campaigns in their ongoing efforts to compel the UK government to prohibit the issuance of new licenses for fossil fuels, emphasizing the urgency of addressing the climate crisis.

Following Wednesday's incident, Bairstow has been trending on social media. Speaking on BBC's Test Match Special, commentator Jonathan Agnew said: "Oh no, I don't like the look of this. We've got people running on. This is terrible.

"Bairstow's there. Orange smoke and dust. They're trying to keep them off the pitch, protesters two of them. They've managed to keep them off the pitch.

Johnny Bairstow
The activists sprinkled orange power near the pitch which disrupted play for several minutes Twitter

"Jonny Bairstow is taken one the protesters off, carrying him towards the grandstand. Another one is prostate on the ground.

"They haven't managed to damage the pitch but they've thrown some orange stuff around. We have been expecting this, but their mission to wreck the test has been unsuccessful and they're being taken away."

Expressing empathy for the players, Ricky Ponting, while speaking in the Sky Sports studio, acknowledged the disappointment caused by the interruption of the highly anticipated match at such an early stage of the contest.

"As a batter in the build-up you just want to get out there and under way. Delays are not ideal for anyone," he said.

"The batters just need to put something like this out of their mind."

Johnny Bairstow
Three Just Stop Oil activists were arrested, the Metropolitan police said. Twitter

Groundskeepers were observed sweeping the green to ensure that play could resume promptly. Fans watching the match from home wasted no time in commending the wicketkeeper's swift and intelligent response to the situation.

One said: "Dear Met Police - please take note from Jonny Bairstow."

The match resumed at the end of the second over with Stuart Broad initiating his spell. However, due to drizzly conditions prevailing on the first morning of the second Test, play was interrupted once again for around 15 minutes.