Joe 'Bidenski' Gets Trolled For Expressing Childhood Desire of Being Identified as a Polish

US President Joe Biden was trolled on social media after he revealed that he wanted to add 'ski' to his last name, during his visit to Poland. Biden was speaking about his days at Delaware during a bilateral meeting with Polish President Andrzej Duda at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw on Tuesday.

Joe Biden

Biden Wanted 'Ski' or an 'O' Added to His Last Name

Biden was talking about growing up in a place surrounded by a lot of Polish immigrants. "I was born in a coal town of Scranton... When coal died, we moved to a town called Claymont, which was a working-class town, everybody in town was either Polish or Italian,' Biden said. 'I grew up feeling self-conscious that my name didn't end in an "ski" or an "o."'

"All kidding aside"' Biden said, before remarking on the "pride, the overwhelming demonstrable pride, the Polish-Americans feel about Poland, the role it's playing now."

Commenting on Biden's secret trip to Kyiv on his way to Poland, Duda said that it boosted the morale of the Ukrainians and their army fighting the Russian invasion.

Social Media Reacts

Biden's remarks, though made in lighter vain, drew a lot of reactions with social media users trolling the President.

"Joe Bidenski Was His Name-O - Sickly Sounding Joe Jokes About Wanting To Be Polish Or Italian Does he sound healthy? Like at all?" tweeted a user.

""BidenSKI" When in Poland, pretend you're Polish or when speaking to black ppl, tell them you went to "black church" every Sunday - PANDERING/LYING 101! Ffs ... I can't," wrote another.

""Meet The Bidenski's"... He's constantly creating and embellishing stories as he makes them up along the way," read another tweet.

"Joe Biden, practically a Puerto Rican Black kid raised by Polish immigrants wants to change his name to; Jose Leroy Bidenski, the first openly multi culti, child molesting, racist presidentski of the US," expressed a user.

"Biden just claimed he wanted to be called "Bidenski" because he grew up surrounded by Polish Immigrants. I thought he grew up surrounded by Puerto Ricans in a black neighborhood? What a liar!" wrote a user.