Joe Biden's dog Commander Shown Exit Route From White House After Multiple Biting Incidents

Canine had bitten several Secret Service agents in recent months.

In a recent development, President Joe Biden's dog, Commander, has been relocated from the White House due to a series of biting incidents involving staff members. Elizabeth Alexander, the communications director for First Lady Jill Biden, confirmed that the Bidens have temporarily moved their two-year-old German Shepherd to an undisclosed location while they deliberate on the future of their presidential pet.

Biden's dog commander

Commander's biting incidents came to public attention, with the most recent incident occurring on September 25 when a uniformed Secret Service officer was bitten at the White House. Anthony Guglielmi, the Chief of Communications for the USSS, reported that the officer received immediate medical attention.

The decision to relocate Commander followed reports from CNN and Axios, which revealed that the dog had been involved in more biting incidents than initially disclosed. Although the Secret Service had previously acknowledged 11 such incidents involving its agents, CNN's investigation suggested that the actual number was higher, with additional reports of Commander biting other White House staff.

Elizabeth Alexander emphasized the Bidens' deep concern for the safety of White House and security personnel. She also expressed appreciation for the patience and support extended by the US Secret Service and other stakeholders. As of now, Commander is not on the White House premises, and the Bidens are considering their next steps.

Specific details about Commander's current location and whether the move is permanent remain undisclosed. The last public sighting of Commander at the White House was on September 30 when photographers captured him on the Truman balcony of the President's private quarters.

The Bidens had previously attributed their pets' occasional aggressive behavior to the "stressful" White House environment. Notably, Commander is the second of President Biden's dogs at the White House to exhibit such behavior, including biting Secret Service personnel and White House staff. The first dog, a German shepherd named Major, was ultimately relocated to live with friends in Delaware after similar incidents.

The introduction of Commander to the First Family in December 2021 had initially generated excitement, with President Biden sharing a heartwarming photo of the puppy holding a tennis ball in his mouth, accompanied by the caption "Welcome to the White House."

Upon their arrival at the White House, the Bidens also adopted a cat named Willow.