Joe Biden gears up to talk about sexual assault allegations for the first time

The US President Donald Trump has also asked him to talk about the incident and added that it might be false accusations

The former Vice President and presumptive nominee Joseph R Biden, will address the sexual assault allegations against him in a morning show on Friday, May 1. After weeks of silence about the issue which prompted several attacks from Republicans, the Democrat will talk about the allegation placed against him by a former staffer.

Tara Raede came forward in March and accused Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her in 1993. Although the campaign has commented about the situation, Biden is yet to comment about the incident personally. In recent days more evidence and sources have emerged corroborating Reade's story about the incident. The video that emerged from a Larry King show had an anonymous call about a senator assaulting her daughter and Reade claimed it was her mother's voice.

Since then, there have been increased pressure on Biden to talk about the incident personally. On Thursday afternoon, April 30, President Donald Trump told the reporters in the White House that he doesn't know anything about it and that Trump "thinks he should respond."

"It could be false accusations. I know all about false accusations," Trump continued, "I've been falsely charged numerous times, and there is such a thing."

The morning show

Joe Biden
Joe Biden Wikimedia Commons

Biden is set to appear on the MSNBC's "Morning Joe". The network confirmed the appearance in a Twitter post on Thursday, April 30. The scrutiny of the allegation has intensified in the past week. Nancy Pelosi, the House speaker, has also expressed her support to the Biden campaign.

The Biden campaign believes that the allegations will not affect the way the voters are viewing him. Since the allegations surfaced Biden has not been asked about the incident in any of the interviews. During the online session with Megan Rapinoe on Instagram on Thursday, several comments urged Rapinoe to ask about the Reade incident. Rapinoe is known for her equal pay advocacy and support of female empowerment.

Nancy Pelosi had also tried to ease the worry among the voters by saying that Joe Biden is a person "great integrity". She also said that there were no additional witnesses supporting Tara Reade's claims. Pelosi was also questioned by reporters when she said that she appreciated the way Biden had responded.

Previously in February during one of the debates, Joe Biden had asked Micheal Bloomberg to release the people under a non-disclosure agreement. People have also been pointing out to the incident as well. Voters have continued the support towards Biden even after the allegation. Some of the voters are trying to make the hashtag #supportBiden and #IgnoreReade trend.