Twitter removes #DropoutBiden after old clip from Larry King show puts limelight on Biden-Reade row

The video had a woman from San Luis Obispo calling the Larry King Show in 1993 and requesting advice.

Hashtag #DropoutBiden started to trend on popular social media platform Twitter on Saturday, April 25, after a video clip from 1993 Larry King show emerged wherein a prominent senator was accused of assaulting a young member of his staff.

The anonymous caller had asked the panel for advice as her daughter who was a former staffer for a 'prominent senator' in Washington had to leave her work after the senator had assaulted her. This is being considered as a piece of new information about Tara Reade's accusation against the former Vice President Joe Biden.

The video had a woman from San Luis Obispo calling the Larry King Show in 1993 and requesting advice. It was reported that Reade's mother was living in the area at that time. Reade had shared information about the assault with her close circle. According to the anonymous call, the woman said that her daughter was not going to the press out of respect for the senator.

The Biden campaign has denied it had happened.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden Wikimedia Commons

Twitter trend about the Biden removed?

Tara Reade's mother passed away in 2016. The video has been questioned and analysed by the netizens and analysts alike.

The clip emerged even as the Democratic presidential hopeful is trying to unseat President Trump in the November election. Some even criticised that the hashtag was trending because of Russian bots interfering with the campaigns. A former Hilary Clinton adviser Peter Daou also commented about the incident.

People are also raising concerns over Biden's behaviour with the women by sharing pictures.

After the video emerged on April 24 the internet started trending #DropoutBiden throughout on Saturday before netizens started to question why the hashtag was removed from the trend. People are still tweeting about the hashtag while questioning why Twitter removed the hashtag.

Netizens believe that Tara Reade's story corroborates with the call on Larry King's show. The story was also supported by Katie Halper, who shared an exclusive interview on Twitter and supported Reade's story.

Actress turned activist Rose McGowan has also shown her support to the Joe Biden accuser. The national leadership of the Democratic party has not shared any views regarding the latest issue.