Jisoo's Contract Terminated by KeyEast over Bullying, Sexual Harassment Allegations; Will he Pay for Damages?

Ji Soo is paying dearly for the recent controversies around him as KeyEast Entertainment has terminated his contract. The agency has announced that both parties have taken the mutual decision on ending his association.

Ji Soo
Ji Soo tenders apology to his past victims Instagram

KeyEast Entertainment's Statement
"We assessed that it is currently difficult for Ji Soo to carry out activities, and we respect the actor's personal intention to not cause further harm to the agency, so a mutual final decision was made to terminate his contract. Regarding the ongoing lawsuit on "River Where The Moon Rises," we will do our best until the end in order to resolve the situation," Soompi quotes KeyEast Entertainment as stating in a press release.

Who Will Pay for the Damages?
Victory Contents, the production house of TV series River Where The Moon Rises, has waged a legal war against KeyEast Entertainment and Ji Soo after the actor was thrown out of the show following the controversies. The company is demanding both the actor and his agency to pay $2,661,771 [3 billion KRW] for damages and loss caused by the bullying scandal.

According to the production house, 90 percent of the shooting of River Where The Moon Rises had completed when the controversy broke out. The makers were forced to re-shot the drama with Na In Woo of Mr Queen fame. The refilming cost was huge for which Victory Contents demanded a damage compensation fee from the actor.

KeyEast Entertainment Not Co-operating?
It has accused KeyEast Entertainment of not giving co-operation to solve the issue. "May 20, 2021 was the first date of our legal negotiations regarding the damages filed against KeyEast Entertainment. However, not a single KeyEast Entertainment official attended the meeting. KeyEast Entertainment is claiming that, 'Ji Soo's departure from the series was made in a one-sided decision by Victory Contents and KBS. They failed to confirm the facts, but came to a conclusion on their own so we are not responsible for the breach of contract,' Victory Contents blamed Ji Soo's agency for failing to attend the legal meeting.

It has to be noted that Ji Soo will enlist for military service in October 2021.