Ji Soo's Loss is Na In Woo's Gain: Actor in Talks for 'River Where the Moon Rises' PD's in New Drama

Na In Woo has been offered a lead role in the drama 'The Jinx's Lover' to be directed by River Where The Moon Rises PD, Yoon Sang Ho.

Actor Na In Woo's popularity rose overnight when he was chosen to replace Ji Soo in the drama River Where The Moon Rises. Till then, the actor was seen in prominent roles in dramas including Kim Jung Hyun starrer Mr Queen. But Ji Soo's scandal helped Na In Woo bag the lead role. So, here is how Jisoo's loss became Na In Woo's gain.

After replacing Ji Soo, Na In Woo did justice to the role of On Dal in the drama River Where The Moon Rises. It is challenging to replace someone and still hold audience's attention in the drama where the character has been already established. But Na In Woo put his heart and soul and the audience readily accepted Na In Woo as the warrior On Dal and also gave a thumbs up to his chemistry with Kim Soo Hyun.

Na In Woo
Na In Woo is in talks to star in the drama The Jinx's Lover. Instagram

Chemistry Between Kim Soo Hyun and Na In Woo

The drama ended on April 20 with a rating of 8.3 percent [AGB Nielsen]. This became possible because of the determination and cooperation of the cast and crew as 90 percent of the drama had to be re-filmed after Ji Soo's exit due to bullying and sexual harassment accusations.

Reports claim that Na In Woo was exemplary in the sets, making everyone feel comfortable around him and giving out the feel as if he has been a member of the team since the beginning. This helped director Yoon Sang Ho to carry on with the re-filming who successfully completed the task within the short time frame, not delaying the schedule of the drama.

Bullying allegations against Ji Soo were made when only six episodes were aired and almost 90 percent of the filming of the drama was completed. Because of public outcry, it was decided to drop Ji Soo from the drama and Na In Woo bagged the lead role. The team not only had to re-shoot the rest of 14 episodes, but to release it on video and on streaming platforms, the initial six episodes also had to be re-shot.

Na In Woo offered Lead Role in The Jinx's Lover

It looks like Na In Woo's cooperation and talent to adapt quickly impressed the director. Thus Na In Woo is said to be in talks to star in the lead role in River Where The Moon Rises PD, Yoon Sang Go's next webtoon based drama.

Kdramahood reported that according to an industry insider, Na In Woo has been selected to play the main character in the new drama The Jinx's Lover (working title). Na In Woo's agency Cube Entertainment is also said to have confirmed the news with a statement, "Na In-woo has indeed been offered to star in the new drama The Jinx's Lover, and he is positively considering the proposal."

The Jinx's Lover is a fantasy-romance story between an ordinary man who accepts his unlucky fate and a goddess who runs away from home to break a curse. If accepted, Na In Woo will be seen as Gong Soo Kwang, a brewmaster and owner of a beer store. The passionate, hardworking, serious, and favourite among women, he enjoys an eventful and romantic life until everything is turned upside down when he turns 19. The drama is likely to begin filming in the second half of 2021.

Na In Woo's other popular dramas include, Best Chicken (2019), Unasked Family (2019–2020), and Mystic Pop-up Bar (2020).

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