Jirisan Finale Spoilers and Streaming Details: Seo Yi Gang Bids Adieu to Kang Hyun Jo

Jirisan finale will air on tvN Sunday at 9 pm KST, and the viewers are curious to know if Seo Yi Gang will bid adieu to her friend Kang Hyun Jo in the finale. The young ranger found out that the serial killer was targetting the people interacting with him in episode 18. The criminal's next target could be ranger Yi Gang. So, Hyun Jo decided to give up on his quest for the person who was killing people from the Black Bridge Village.

Hyun Jo also requested Yi Gang to forget everything and leave the mountain for good. But she is determined to find the serial killer and help the last three victims. The final episodes of the action-adventure-thriller will focus on her efforts to get the killer arrested. The ranger might also bid adieu to her friend Hyun Jo in the upcoming episodes of the mini-series. The finale promo hints at troubled moments for her.

Will Serial Killer Attack Seo Yi Gang?

Yi Gang is among the targets of the serial killer because he found out that she knows everything about him. He heard her talking to Hyun Jo at the Black Bridge Village. The serial killer will surely try to get rid of her to keep his secrets safe. But he might face several challenges while trying to kill the Yi Gang. Now, she is not alone in her fight against the criminal. Her colleagues Jo Dae Jin, Jung Goo Young, and Park Il Hae have promised to help her.

Other rangers from the Jirisan National Park Haedong Branch Office & Bidam Shelter could also join Yi Gang in capturing the serial killer. She may also help the villagers know the reason for the serial killer to target the people from Black Bridge Village. The Viewers will also know if the mysterious deaths have anything to do with the cable car business. K-drama fans can look forward to several action-packed sequences in the final episodes of Jirisan.

Jun Ji Hyun as Seo Yi-Gang in tvN drama Jirisan. Twitter/tvN

Who Could be the Killer?

Although Kim Sol was Hyun Jo's first suspect, the ranger found out that he was another innocent victim of the serial killer. Currently, the prime suspect is Kim Woong Soon. Yi Gang will try out everything to gather evidence against him. But is he the real criminal? The mini-series might surprise the viewers by revealing an unexpected person as the killer in the last episode of this tvN drama. Could it be Choi Hee-Won?

The girl, who had been searching for her lottery ticket in the mountain, looked very suspicious as she was present near the places where the villagers died. Hee-Won was indirectly involved in the death of Lee-Yang Sun. The young ranger lost her life while trying to help Hee Won. The viewers could find out what happened to Hee-Won after the flood in 2019 in the upcoming episodes.

How to Watch the Jirisan Finale Online?

Jirisan episode 19 will air on tvN Saturday at 9 pm KST, and episode 20 will air on Sunday at 9 pm KST. K-drama fans can also watch the Jirisan finale with sub-titles from anywhere, including the US, the UK, Myanmar, Japan, Australia, Singapore, India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Canada, Brazil, Peru, and Mexico, on Viki.