The King's Affection Finale Spoilers: Bloodshed and Demise of Beloved Character

The King's Affection is coming to an end on Tuesday, and the last two chapters might feature an intensely political game. The finale could also feature bloodshed and the demise of a beloved character. The next episode of this historical romantic comedy-drama is scheduled to air on KBS Monday at 9.30 pm KST.

In episode 19, King Lee Hwi and Left State Councilor Han Ki Jae could get into a neck-to-neck fight. During this intense political war, both parties might lose their loved ones. The promo for the next chapter hinted at the demise of some characters. Prince Lee Hyun, Commander Jung Seok Jo, Chief Eunuch Hong, and Court Lady Kim could bid adieu to all in the upcoming episode.

Ki Jae provoked Prince Wonsan and asked him to kill his brother Hyun. The evil politician tells the rebel Prince to prepare himself for being the new King. The overly ambitious Prince Wonsan tracks Prince Hyun's whereabouts and kills him. Wonsan might also kill Court Lady Kim and Eunuch Hong to clear his path to the throne.

The short clip also shows Jung Ji Un and his family members surrounded by soldiers. Commander Seok Jo seems to pay for his evil doings. He might witness the demise of his loved ones in the video. Although the soldiers target Ji Un, he might make it to the end with the help of Lee Hwi.

The King's Affection
A poster of new KBS historical romance drama The King's Affection. Twitter/KBS Drama

So, what provoked the Left State Councilor against Lee Hwi and Seok Jo?

In The King's Affection episode 18, the evil politician tries to find out the truth behind all the rumors doing the rounds outside the Palace. With the help of his men, he managed to figure out the truth about Lee Hwi. And he waited for the right time to dethrone his grandchild.

At first, Ki Jae planned to harass Court Lady Kim and Eunuch Hong. But Lee Hwi protected them with the help of Prince Lee Hyun. The King asked his cousin to take their loyal servants. On their way, Court Lady Kim met Ji Un and informed him that Lee Hwi was his first love, Dam I.

Will Queen No Ha Kyung and Lady Shin So Eun Help Lee Hwi?

In the last episodes of The King's Affection, Queen Kyung and her best friend So Eun found out about the secret relationship between Lee Hwi and Ji Un. However, they are yet to know the King's secret. Kim Go Eun might reveal it to them and seek their help. Both the ladies may use their powers to find against Ki Jae.

K-drama fans will find out what lies ahead for Lee Hwi and Ji Un on Monday. Until then, catch up with the latest episodes of this historical romantic comedy-drama online here. All the released chapters of this mini-series will be available with subtitles online on Netflix.