Jinwoon's Ex-group Mate Jo Kwon Speaks About his Break Up with Kyung Li

Kyung Li and Jinwoon ended their relationship two months ago after being in love for over four years. The ex-couple had announced the news of their split through their agencies YNK Entertainment and Mystic Story, respectively.

Kyungri-Jeong Jinwoon
Kyungri and Jeong Jinwoon. Instagram

Now, Jo Kwon has spoken about his good friend Jinwoon's break-up with Kyung Li. During an interaction on Radio Star on 30th June episode, he indicated that earlier they used to sing break-up songs without experience, and now they would lend their songs with all honesty.

Jo Kwon on Break Up
"To be honest, all our songs are ex-boyfriend songs. In the past, we sang thinking about the tough times during our trainee years. It seems like after gaining experience, he'll be able to sing those songs sincerely now," Allkpop quotes him as saying.

Kyung Li fell in love with Jinwoon after hosting a couple of Variety shows. Their initial friendship gradually turned into love. Two years after a serious relationship, the actors formally confirmed that they were dating in 2019.

Ex Couple's Confession
"We agreed that we shouldn't hide it by wearing hats and should instead comfortably meet up. So I think people thought we were friends." Kyungri Jeong is quoted as saying on 2AM's Jeong Jinwoon on Section TV by Soompi website.

On her turn, she stated, "We've been dating for two years so we both expected it. We were prepared for a report to come out at some point. So I said I was okay and that we shouldn't lie and should just confirm it, so we confirmed it,"

Even as they were in a relationship, he was enlisted in the military. She used to visit him whenever time permitted her and Jeong Jinwoon used to write love letters to her. In the interview, Kyung Li had revealed that she had 10 handwritten letters penned by him.

Jo Kwon
Jo Kwon Instagram

Unfortunately, it did not last long after he finished off his military enlistment.

2AM Reunion
Coming back to Jo Kwon, he stated that 2AM members are planning for a reunion. He added, "All the members have completed their military service. We haven't been active for a long time, and we're all at different labels now. Still, we're considering a comeback in an optimistic light."