Jesse Watters: Fox News Host Dubbed 'Creepy' After Admitting to Slashing Co-Worker's Tires So He Could Take Her on a Date

Fox News host Jesse Watters concept of romance is coming across to many as "creepy" after he revealed on TV that he got a 25-year-old co-worker into his automobile by flattening her car tires.

Last Monday, Watters told his co-hosts on "The Five" about how he managed to woo his wife, Emma — who was a younger producer working on his show at the time — by sabotaging her car.

'She Couldn't Go Anywhere'

Jesse Watters
Jesse Watters in a still from the viral clip. Twitter

"When I was trying to get Emma to date me, first thing I did, let the air out of her tires," he confessed on the segment last week. "She couldn't go anywhere. She needed a lift, I said, 'You need a lift?' She hopped right in the car."

Watters' co-hosts were shocked.

Watters claimed that until now, his wife was unaware of his deflated tire trick. When asked if she knew the story, he said: "No, she doesn't know the story."

"You're basically the Zodiac Killer," Greg Gutfeld exclaimed.

"It has a happy ending," Watters said, a reference to the fact that he married the co-worker, Emma DiGiovine, in 2020.

Jeannine Pirro had one big question: "Is that the first time you did it, or did you use that before?"

Watters sheepishly said, "It works like a charm." Watch the clip below:

Twitter Reactions

The clip has sparked some strong reactions on Twitter with some users accusing Watters of inappropriate and illegal workplace behavior while others pointed out that the Fox News pundit was married at the time and his wife, the mother of his two daughters, filed for divorce after she caught him having an affair.

"This is going to land like a joke to the Fox base but it gave me chills & is terrifying for workplace harassment victims. Not funny. It should end his career at @FoxNews. He admits to vandalization of a co-worker's property & is using his position of authority inappropriately," wrote one user.

"He was also married at the time and his wife filed for divorce after catching him having an affair," commented another.

Here are some of the other reactions: