Jeon So-mi's father lavishes praise on Descendants of the Sun star Song Joong-ki

Says he is very kind and 'too perfect' to have faults.

Song Joong-ki
Song Joong-ki in an official still from 'Descendants of the Sun.' of the Sun - 태양의 후예

It's no secret that Song Joong-ki is not just any star but one of the biggest and best actors in Korea at the moment. Song Joong-ki's performance was one of the biggest reasons behind the success of 'Descendants of the Sun' all over Asia. Now, singer Jeon So-mi's father Matthew Douma, who co-starred with Joong-ki in the drama, revealed how perfect the star was during the shoot.

Matthew Douma was a guest in the May 9 Parents' Day special episode of MBC Every1's 'Video Star,' where he talked about his experience of filming 'Descendants of the Sun' with Song Joong-ki, notes website Allkpop and Soompi.

"We practiced shooting an action scene for two months. Song Joong Ki was a lot stronger than I thought," he said.

Douma continued, "We were covered in bruises after filming for several hours, and there wasn't a separate place set up for me while we were resting. But Song Joong Ki gave up his seat for me, and handed me the water he was about to drink as well. There was also a separate shower stall set up for Song Joong Ki, but he would let me go first. He is extremely thoughtful."

Jeon So-mi's father also said that he envied Song joong-ki for his perfection and added that the former 'Running Man' member was also 'pretty good in English.' "I wish, at least for my own conscience, that there was something about him that I could hate. But he's too perfect," he said, jokingly.

In the same interview, Douma also talked about his younger daughter, Evelyn. "If Somi is a five on the talent and charm scale, Evelyn is a 10 or 20," he said, adding, "When I take pictures with Evelyn now, I can tell she is much faster at picking up on how to take the best pictures."

As for Song Joong-ki, the actor has said he was briefly stepping away from acting to devote more time to his own personal pursuits.

This article was first published on May 10, 2017
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