Jeon Somi's personal items on auction on reality show Hello Counselor

UP10TION's Wooshin is under the scrutiny for allegedly harassing IOI's Jeon So Mi sexually. The controversy popped up during the filming of 'The Show', for which the pair acted as the MCs. The video soon caught the attention of the public after Wooshin wantonly moved his hands towards Somi three times.

According to AllKpop, Wooshin's hand pressed Somi's chest a couple of times but later she held her hands in the way to avoid the touch. The report further stated that she was taken aback by surprise after the first touch.

But fans seem to have a different interpretation of the video, with some even saying the incident is an accident. However, others counter that Wooshin would have pulled back his hand right away if it was an accident. Instead, he was seen lingering it.

The heated arguments went beyond control on the social networking sites and soon the makers of 'The Show' issued a statement to clear the controversy. "We are writing about the 'The Show' MCs' Christmas greeting video. During the recording, staff from both MCs' sides were present and monitoring the recording, and two of them stayed at a distance while filming. During the filming, there were no uncomfortable feeling from either party. The current controversy is a mistake from the angle of the video, so we ask fans to no longer misunderstand, make guesses, and criticize. We have deleted the video to prevent further guesses and misunderstandings, so we ask fans of MCs Wooshin and Somi to understand," the statement was quoted by AllKpop.

Somi's YMC Entertainment commented that the star is taken aback by all of the speculative comments and clarified that there is no truth in this controversy. While Wooshin's TOP MEDIA promised that he would be more careful in the future to devoid any such misunderstandings as a public responsibility. "Both Somi and Wooshin had checked the video before giving permission for it to be posted and emphasized. The physical contact that is being alleged did not happen," Soompi published the statement.

Ever since the controversy popped up, the video has been removed from all the social platforms.