Jennifer Flavin Filed for Divorce from Sylvester Stallone after Wild Fight Over New Rottweiler: Report

According to sources, Stallone was filming in Oklahoma when Flavin announced that she was divorcing him.

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The dog controversy seems not to leave Sylvester Stallone. Jennifer Flavin and Sylvester Stallone decided to file for divorce 25 years after their marriage after the two had a massive fight over their new dog, a rottweiler according to a new report. According to reports, Stallone, 76, wanted the dog, named Dwight, for "protection for their family."

Flavin, however, wasn't in favor of the family getting a new puppy, according to sources who spoke to TMZ on Wednesday. Instead of compromising, they "fiercely stuck to their positions," the report added. Flavin reportedly filed for divorce in Palm Beach County, Fla., on On Aug. 19.

Dog Fight

Sylvester Stallone with Jennifer Flavin
Sylvester Stallone with Jennifer Flavin Twitter

According to the TMZ report, instead of solving the problem, Stallone and Flavin, 54, continued their fight and "fiercely stuck" to their position." The damning dog argument allegedly led to "an extremely heated argument that brought up other issues" in their marriage, although it didn't appear to be "marriage-enders" at the time, the report says.

Unfortunately for Flavin and their marriage, the "Rocky" actor won the debate and named the dog after the role he plays in his new show, "Tulsa King," in order to promote it.

Sylverter Stallone
Sylvester Stallone recently covered up Flavin's tattoo with that of the famous bullmastiff from the “Rocky” franchise Twitter

Earlier this month, Stallone posted images and videos of his new dog, Dwight, to Instagram and wrote: "So incredibly happy with my newly acquired four legged friend "DWIGHT" my characters name from the ['Tulsa King'] Series, keep punching and keep barking !!! Thank you very much to Trainer and breeder Dave Smith and his wonderful wife!!!"

According to sources, Stallone was filming in Oklahoma when Flavin announced that she was divorcing him.

The dog tale could be the reason Sly also covered the tattoo of Flavin on his right shoulder with that of a dog a few days after she filed for divorce. The actor was seen with the tattoo of Butkus, the famous bullmastiff from the "Rocky" franchise, which covered up the face of Flavin.

Jennifer Flavin
Earlier this week, Jennifer Flavin posted a photograph of her with her three daughters, with Stallone missing Twitter

The new ink sparked speculations of a separation.

Stallone's representative, however, claimed that the tattoo news was a misunderstanding. "Mr. Stallone intended to refresh the tattoo image of his wife Jennifer however the results were unsatisfactory and, unfortunately, unfixable. As a result, he had to cover the original image with a tattoo of his dog from 'Rocky,' Butkus." The rep told the Daily Mail.

Mr. Stallone loves his family. The Stallones are presently filming a reality show together which will debut on Paramount+."

Dog's the Reason

Flavin filed for divorce on August 19 and Stallone was seen with the new tattoo on Monday, sparking speculations of a divorce. The same day, Flavin also shared a photo of her and their three daughters with the statement, "These girls are my priority. Nothing else matters. The 4 of us forever," further fueling rumors.However, the speculations stopped on Wednesday after news broke that Stallone and Flavin have decided to split, ending their 25-year marriage.

Sylvester Stallone
Sylvester Stallone with his dog Dwight Twitter

The former model stated in court filings acquired by Page Six that their relationship is "irretrievably broken." Stallone has allegedly "engaged in the intentional dissipation, deplete and/or waste of marital assets," according to Flavin.

"I love my family. We are amicably and privately addressing these personal issues," Stallone told Page Six on Wednesday.

According to the divorce papers she filed, Flavin wants to keep their Palm Beach home—at least through the divorce process. She is also accusing Stallone, whose estimated net worth is $400 million, of concealing or shifting marital assets. There is no mention of a prenup.

Sylvester Stallone with Jennifer Flavin
Sylvester Stallone with Jennifer Flavin during happier times Twitter

The "Creed" actor married Flavin in May 1997 10 years after first meeting her at a café. The former couple share three daughters: Sophia, 25, Sistine, 24, and Scarlet, 20.

In May, Stallone posted an Instagram tribute to Flavin on their 25th anniversary. "Happy 25th anniversary to my amazing wife. There is not enough words to describe what this incredibly selfless dedicated, patient, woman has meant to our lives and I only wish they could be another 25! Thank you sweetheart!" he wrote.

Prior to Flavin, Stallone was married to Brigitte Nielsen between 1985 and 1987 and Sasha Czack from 1974 to 1985. Sage, who passed away in July 2012, and Seargeoh, 43, were his and Czack's sons.