Jennifer Arcuri: Businesswoman Makes Shocking Revelations about 4-Yr Affair and Sex Romps with Boris Johnson

Arcuri said that during their steamy affair, she once left just 10 minutes before Johnson's then-wife Marina Wheeler returned home to the couple's townhouse in North London.

American businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri has spoken out for the first time about her four-year long affair with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and how they slept together at the flat where she had a pole dancer's pole. In a series of shocking revelations, Arcuri, who is 21 years younger to Johnson, said that during their steamy affair, she once left just 10 minutes before Johnson's then-wife Marina Wheeler returned home to the couple's townhouse in North London.

Arcuri said the pair shared a "physical and intellectual attraction" after meeting Johnson while she was a student in 2011 and he the mayor of London and married to Wheeler, a lawyer, with whom he has four children. Questions about their affair first surfaced two years ago when it was revealed Arcuri, 35, was allowed on three taxpayer-funded trade missions led by Johnson, 56.

Steamy Affair

Jennifer Arcuri
Jennifer Arcuri YouTube Grab

According to Sunday Mirror, Arcuri told the outlet that Johnson's wife once almost caught him having sex on the sofa with Arcuri at his family home. "We were discussing some of the latest chapters from his book."

"He said, "I have a complete writer's block. I need to figure what I'm trying to say but I want you to hear it. I really need you, baby, I really need you."

Arcuri said she would read Macbeth as part of foreplay before engaging in wild sex with Johnson. "We moved on to reading Macbeth, which was a kind of foreplay routine we had. I said, 'Let's skip to the good stuff'. He said, 'I love that about you, you just want to get to the good part," she said.

Arcuri said her romance with Johnson lasted from 2012 to 2016. She further revealed that they first had sex in her Shoreditch flat hours before he sat between Marina and Princess Anne at the opening of the 2012 London Paralympics. Before he rushed to attend the ceremony Arcuri had to hunt for a sock Johnson had lost in the throes of passion.

Boris Johnson with Jennifer Arcuri
Boris Johnson with Jennifer Arcuri YouTube Grab

She describes first meeting him at a tech event and remembers: "He'd turn the whole room into a bunch of howling schoolgirls. I made a beeline for the front of the line."

Their paths crossed again in spring 2012 when she volunteered to work for his re-election campaign and they began texting, his number saved in her phone as "Alex the Great", a nod to his given Christian name and much-trumpeted passion for antiquity.

Almost Caught

Arcuri said that one of the most memorable sex encounters with Johnson was at his London home but she narrowly escaped from getting caught by Wheeler that night. Johnson had told Arcuri that Wheeler, a QC, was at work but she arrived home just minutes after Arcuri left.

"If I'd have stayed 10 minutes more I would've been in the house when Marina got back. That's not a great feeling. We slept together at his family home, and in some ways, it was fun, but it didn't sit right. I realised this wouldn't just be a one-off," she said.

Boris Johnson
UK PM Boris Johnson in hospital Wikimedia commons

Arcuri further added that Johnson and she started sexting which intensified as days passed. Johnson even requested racy images of her and said one raunchy picture was "enough to make a bishop kick a hole in a stained-glass window".

The text messages, seen by the Mirror, are also said to show a message reminding him to empty the bins after she dumped her stockings in a kitchen bin. Arcuri was also given access to events at three top-level trade missions even though her businesses did not meet the criteria for the trips.

She claimed she fell in love with Johnson but grew worried about the affair and the impact it might have on his family, if they were found out. By the end of 2016 she was in a serious relationship with her now husband Matthew Hickey and was pregnant with their daughter. Johnson, on the other hand, has denied his affair with Arcuri. In a BBC interview earlier, Johnson had said he had acted with "full propriety" and denied having an interest in Arcuri.