Jeju Island is a now popular tourist spot, thanks to The Legend of the Blue Sea and other Korean dramas

Jeju Island is visa- free and the visitors get a chance to relive their favourite scenes from the dramas.

Lee Min Ho
Lee Min Ho Reuters

The popular SBS fantasy drama, Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun's starrer "The Legend of the Blue Sea" and other dramas like "Secret Garden," "All In," "Warm and Cozy," and "Playful Kiss" have made Jeju Island's Maze Land theme park famous after they featured scenes from the location.

The island, which was quite popular before for its beauty, now has more tourists pouring in from all over the world, including neighbouring Southeast Asia, Europe as well as Middle East. Moreover, the island is visa- free and the visitors have amazing experiences with the vast nature and sports activities.

The Jeju island has several scenic locations and therefore it becomes a perfect setting for romantic scenes in films and dramas. Avid drama fans visit the beautiful place to relive the scenes from the famous Korean dramas such as Lee and Jun's recent fantasy series.

"Some of Jeju's romantic sites are the lighthouses in Pyeoseon and Bangdupo, with the latter being the site of the Wishing Lighthouse, Seaes Hotel and Resort and Bomnal Café," according to Jeju Tourism Organization's travel blog.

In 2016 Korean film "Canola," actress Youn Yuh Jung played the role of Jeju's female diver.

"The Jeju female divers, who are in their 60s, are among the respected groups in the country. Their lives are featured at the Haenyeo Museum," Yibada reported.

In another news, on 22 February, "The Legend of the Blue Sea" actor, Lee Min-ho, received an award for improving South Korea's brand image at the 2017 National Brand Awards. The 29-year-old actor honoured was with the award at the National Assembly Hall in Seoul.

This article was first published on February 26, 2017